Alesis DM6 Vs DM7x

If you’ve been out there and looked for a better electronic drumset, this comparison should give you a clue on if you need an Alesis dm6 or a dm7x. Both pieces have their pros and cons but the product specs may make one a win over the other. It should be expected that dm7x is a better remake of dm6, of which is true, but it would only be fair to share the pros and cons on Alesis dm6 vs dm7x. Have a look : Alesis DM6 Vs Behringer XD8.

Alesis DM6 Vs DM7x

The dm6 is a five piece set while the dm7x is a six piece set. So far the dm6 hi-hat can, occasionally, trigger another drum creating an off-beat while drumming to “Renegades.” However, since it has software configurations that can take care of the minor issue, it shouldn’t be a big deal. On the other hand, the dm7x comes with an extra tom and crash where each tom dual-zone can be programmed to different sounds. Well, that should mean the dm6 toms aren’t dual zone.

Both sets are of hardy-build quality and with handy metronomes. However, the dm7x is pre-assembled and the dm6 isn’t making the six-piece set convenient. Also the 6-piece drum set’s snare comes with its rack mount making the set-up a bliss while the dm6 the cymbal isn’t connected to the pedal making it clumsier to use the set. However, after assembling the five-piece everything, surprisingly, feels connected.

Alesis DM6 Vs DM7x

Alesis DM6Alesis DM7x
Key features- Five-piece electronic drumset with DM6 drum module - DM6 module contains 108 top-notch drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds - Dual-zone 8-Inch snare pad expands expressive playing freedom with multiple sounds per pad - 15 programmable drum sets- 385 Sounds and 40 Kits - 3 New 10" Cymbals with crash cymbal choke - Stealth Kick II Trigger; X Kick Pedal Included

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Therefore, on Alesis dm6 vs dm7x, both are a great quality-for-the-price just that dm7x may be a better choice in the long term. You can play to any song using both sets just that the latter versions has more variation. On the other hand, you can always look for software updates of the five-piece set but if that doesn’t work out you can upgrade to the 6-piece. In other words, it would all depend on what is convenient for you and if your current drum-set is better replaced with a dm6 or dm7x.

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