Yamaha DGX230 Vs YPG235

If you are trying to decide which Yamaha keyboard to buy between DGX-230 vs. YPG-235, it is essential to know exactly the features and functions of both models. There are a lot of features that are common to these two different models of Yamaha keyboards so you can start off by familiarizing yourself with them and then you can move on to learn about the specific features of each keyboard.

Yamaha DGX230 Vs YPG235

Both of these keyboards have 76 keys, are equipped with touch a chorus, master equalizer and a reverb. They also have the same number of polyphony, sounds, rhythm, reverb settings and number of pedals. They also have the same features namely the built-in metronome, LCD Display, pitch-bender, record, and split and transpose functions. Both models also come with built-in speakers and headphone jacks and weigh 18 lbs.

The difference between these two models is with their number of ports with the YPG-235 having the MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface), Headphones and USB ports. The DGX-230, on the other hand is only equipped with the headphone and USB ports. Also, the YPG-235 is available in champagne gold while the DGX-230 comes in silver color.

Yamaha DGX230 Vs YPG235

Yamaha DGX230Yamaha YPG235
Key features- Premium bundle includes the Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, Yamaha PA150 power supply, and World - Tour SXKS keyboard stand - 76 Piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch and 489 high-quality tones - 6-track recorder - Master EQ,Stereo Speakers - Please refer User Manual before use.- 76 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action - Backlit LCD, panel lights, pitch bend wheel,6-track sequencer allows you to record your own music - Portable Grand Button: industry's best piano - USB & Flash ROM to download new Songs and Styles for playing. - The screws are provided however they are screwed into the holes already.

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This gives the YPG-235 with its MIDI feature a decided edge. Established in the 1980’s, the MIDI is a kind of communication protocol that especially designed for electronic instruments like keyboards and computers. As such, a MIDI message contains no sound at all but it serves as a blueprint that instructs a hardware or software what notes to play and with what velocity the notes should be played. So when a MIDI passage is sent, the keyboard can play the same passage using any of the sounds available in your keyboard. Given a choice between a DGX-230 vs. YPG-235 Yamaha keyboards, I will definitely opt for the YPG-235 model.

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