Boss RC 50 Vs RC 300

Either you are a solo player who records every part on your own, or you are working in a group, you still need a loop station. With a loop station, you can record a sample of some instrument, then use the recording later to accompany while you play another instrument. The device is crucial if you play alone, and beneficial in a group to avoid having to record something repeatedly. One of the most popular loop stations is Boss RC 50, but, some time ago, the manufacturer released a newer model named Boss RC 300. People said that Boss RC 300 is better than Boss RC 50. Even so, it is also more expensive. Should you go with it all the way?

Boss RC 50 Vs RC 300


Boss RC-50 features 7 footswicthes for intuitive, real-time control. It can record up to 49 minutes in mono or up to 24 minutes in stereo, with a total of 99 program memories. You can play three stereo phrase tracks altogether at the same time, synced to an internal clock or a MIDI clock. Boss RC-50 comes with the undo/redo functionality for convenient recording and overdubbing, center-cancellation feature, and various connectivity options including USB.

Anyhow, Boss RC-300 is all about upgrade from the previously discussed model. It retains almost the entire capabilities of Boss RC-50 (MIDI slaving is now not possible), adds some extras, and addresses many issues. First, the first loop glitch that appears in the RC-50 is no longer exist in the RC-300. Second, the drum tempo in RC-300 is now constant according to how you set them. Previously, in RC-50, the drum speed may change if you turn the volume down to zero. Third, unlike RC-50, you can get a smoother phrase transition when recording an overdub with RC-300. Besides fixing may concerns, Boss RC-300 also offers a new layout design which is more comfortable to be operated, a bunch of effects and various rhythm types.

Boss RC 50 Vs RC 300

Boss RC-50 Loop StationBoss RC-300 Loop Station
BrandBOSS AudioBOSS Audio
Key features- 7 footswitches for intuitive control; real-time control of playback speed - Ultra-long recording time (up to 49 min., mono), 99 patches (3 master loops per patch) - Undo/Redo function for recording and overdubbing - Center-cancellation feature, flat amplifier simulation feature- Three stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches and controls for each - Dedicated fader per track - Expression pedal for effects control in real time - Up to three hours of internal recording and 99 onboard memories

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Therefore, you can’t go wrong by going with Boss RC 300 instead of Boss RC 50. Everything is much better, so it justifies the price.

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