Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

Looking for a high-quality digital recorder that can handle a bunch of tracks altogether without a hitch? I am sure that you have met either Tascam DP-32SD or Zoom R24 during your search for the luxurious weapon. The two products are among people’s favorites as they both can do the recording of up to eight tracks simultaneously. Since most of us only need one product for the time being, let us see which way is the better route for us. Take a look : Tascam DP 24 Vs Zoom R24.

Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

Zoom R24 is the more expensive choice in this product comparison. The product possesses a total of 24 audio tracks, and able to do a simultaneous recording of 8 tracks at once. One unique ability of Zoom R24 is that you can connect two identical models via USB in order to record up to 16 track altogether. You can record in mono or stereo WAV files with two choices of audio quality, 16-bit/44.1-kHz or 24-bit/48-kHz. There are 24 voice pad samples available, 8-in/2-out USB ports, and it comes with Steinberg Cubase LE DAW software included.

On comparison, Tascam DP-32SD has a total of 32 audio tracks consisting of 8 mono tracks and 12 pairs mono/stereo tracks. While the number is bigger than Zoom R24’s, we can only record up to 8 tracks simultaneously here as well. Moreover, Tascam DP-32SD does not support the ability to link with another identical device like Zoom R24. The audio quality options are similar, however, as we choose either 16-bit/44.1-kHz or 24-bit/48-kHz. It connects to a PC via USB 2.0. The effects available are perhaps more variegated as we can get dynamic effects, guitar effects, mix-down effects, and mastering effects here. Tascam DP-32SD does not come with audio editor software, but features a neat color LCD screen for monitoring.

Tascam DP-32SD Vs Zoom R24

Tascam DP-32SDZoom R24
Key features- Simultaneous 32 track playback - 8 mono tracks + 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks - Integrated 40-input mixer to mix down the 32 playback tracks with the 8 inputs or for bouncing - Simultaneous 8 track recording - 16 or 24 -bit, 44.1 or 48kHz recording- Equipped with a set of built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic - Capture sound effects, speeches and dialog with excellent clarity - Connect two R24s via USB for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording - Record Scratch tracks and overdub voiceovers in post-production - Onboard phantom power with high-quality Mic preamps and vocal effects

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The fullest value-per-money score is nailed by Tascam DP-32SD. It is an excellent recorder if you are not exactly interested in audio editor software extras. It has some limitations, however. If you want the option of recording more than eight tracks at once always ready, or you prefer to work with an audio editor software, Zoom R24 should be your choice.

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