Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano Review: Professional Quality

If you ever have an experience with Korg SP170, then Korg SP170S will certainly amaze you. They have added a bunch of extra features while keeping the professionalism of Korg SP170 intact. All in all, Korg SP170S is an excellent digital piano with an affordable price.

Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano Review - Professional Quality

One of the drawbacks in the previous Korg SP170 is that many of the functionalities are kind of hidden; users must input some key combination to access the features. While some are okay with this, some others consider this as impractical. Thus, the manufacturer has decided to satisfy everybody by adding control buttons! Now, you can easily change the voice of Korg SP170S by pushing a button. Oh, do you prefer the old way? You can still perform the job that way!

Korg SP170S holds such a compactness. It remains simple by adding a minimum amount of buttons, with such a light weight of mere 26 lbs, making it quite a portable digital piano. Korg SP170S features Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) on its keyboard, which is designed to resemble the true touch of an acoustic piano. Some people have questioned about the differences between NH and GHS that is often found in other brands. Both NH and GHS have the realism of an acoustic piano, with only small distinctions caused by the fact that they are modeled after different pianos, and both are great. You may prefer NH or GHS more, according to your personal taste.

Another significant enhancement from Korg SP170 is that Korg SP170S now has reliable speakers. Previously, the audio output is too weak and not breath-taking in any means, making the users look for decent external speakers. But that is not an issue in Korg SP170S. It is now added with two oval speakers that produce sufficient power to fill a large room. Even more, the overall structure of the machine has actually been redesigned in order to improve its resonance and tone. As the result, Korg SP170S sounds exceptional, powerful and accurate.

Korg SP170S comes with a total of ten voices. There are two grand piano voices, two electric pianos, a classical harpsichord, an electric clavichord, a smooth vibraphone, two organs, and strings. There are two headphone outs and a MIDI out, but there is no USB, which can be an issue for connectivity with a PC.

Specifications of Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano
88 notes (A0–C8), Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH)
Touch Control
Three Level(Light, Standard, Heavy)
Sound System
Stereo Sampling
Maximum Polyphony
120 notes / 60 notes (Stereo)
10 Total; Piano x 2; E. Piano x 2; Harpsichord; E. Clavichord; Vibraphone; Pipe Organ; Electric Organ; Strings
Reverb; Chorus (Effect depth is preset for each sound)
Demo Songs
10 songs (1 per sound) *Please listen demo songs by clicking SoundCloud button on the right.
Key transpose
Pitch control
Headphone/Line output x 2; MIDI OUT; Damper Pedal connection
9 Watt × 2
10cm x 5cm Oval x 2; Bass Reflex housing
Power supply
DC 12 V
Power Consumption
9 W
(W x D x H)
1,312 × 325 × 144 mm / 51.65″ × 12.8″ × 5.67″
12 kg / 26.45 lbs

Pros of Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano
– Affordable price
– Excellent sound reproduction
– Quite compact
– Basic features are all covered

Cons of Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano
No USB port

Price of Korg SP170S 88-Key Digital Piano
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