Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Review: Looks Great, Stays in Tune

In order to be a professional, advanced player, we all need to start somewhere. And when we are just starting in learning to play guitar, it can be very difficult for us to choose one guitar that is decent and sounding well. It mostly takes some experience in order to choose and determine which guitar is good and which one is not. How can we choose our first guitar if we do not have any experience yet? Well, we can ask for some advises from other sources, and the internet is a very good place to start your research. If you have browsed for a while looking for the best affordable entry-level guitar, you certainly should have come across Oscar Schmidt OG2SM.

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Review - Looks Great, Stays in Tune

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM is widely favored by many people due to having an awesome, classy look, and offering an excellent durability. It is a dreadnought acoustic guitar, available in a variety of colors. One variant with a wood-like color pattern of the top surface is especially eye-catching. It certainly has some elegance in it. It has spalted maple top and mahogany sides and back, so you can be certain that Oscar Schmidt OG2SM has a considerable degree of ruggedness. Seeing it for the first time, everyone will immediately notice the pearl inlay dots and sleek wood grain finish right away.

Not only having great looks, but Oscar Schmidt OG2SM also has excellent sounds. It can provide a full acoustic resonance you are looking from a quality acoustic guitar. Even more, it is built and constructed well so that it can always stay in tune after each adjustment. This is a big plus point because many other products in a similar price range often need to be maintained very much in order to stay in tune.

Its fingerboard and bridge are made of high-quality rosewood. Oscar Schmidt OG2SM is an excellent choice for beginners because it has very low string action. Even more, it even comes along with an adjustable truss rod wrench. Probably its only disadvantage is that it does not sound very crisp, but you may not exactly have expected so from a guitar in such price range, anyway.

Specifications of Oscar Schmidt OG2SM
Dreadnought style
High gloss finish
Spalted Maple top
Mahogany sides & back
Decorative Rosette
Decorative Body Perimeter Inlay
Standard X Bracing
Rosewood Fingerboard
Mahogany Neck
Fully adjustable truss rod
Chrome die cast tuners
Lifetime warranty

Pros of Oscar Schmidt OG2SM
– Relatively affordable
– Durable and stays in tune for a long time
– Looks great and classy

Cons of Oscar Schmidt OG2SM
It does not sound very crisp

Price of Oscar Schmidt OG2SM
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