Fender CD 140S Mahogany Review: The Tenderness of Mahogany

While average music listeners will not always notice and point out sonic differences between each type of woods being used in guitars, professional musicians and trained music appreciators can determine the characteristics of each guitar constructed with different woods. Each wood provides distinctive traits and qualities to a guitar. Now, Fender CD 140S Mahogany is one acoustic guitar that emphasizes heavily on the effects generated by its mahogany construction. Coming with a relatively affordable price, Fender CD 140S Mahogany is extremely eye-catching.

Fender CD 140S Mahogany Review - The Tenderness of Mahogany

Almost like each grape that ends up becoming wine, the hows and where each wood is grown will affect the sound and tone of the guitar, so that every guitar is one-of-a-kind. Fender CD 140S Mahogany, using only mahogany wood for its whole construction, delivers a uniquely rich mellow tone. Mahogany is widely known to accentuate mid frequencies, with some proper depth. Fender CD 140S Mahogany sounds warm and soft. Lows are solid but not tight. Highs are generated nicely but unpronounced. Thus, Fender CD 140S Mahogany can be very versatile, viable for various types of music.

Besides having an astonishing sound, Fender CD 140S Mahogany is also remarkably durable. It comes with a full-sized dreadnought body, sporting a non-cutaway design. It has no electric pickup, though. Fender CD 140S Mahogany features tortoise shell pickguard, also double circle rosette, to provide a convenient usage. The mother of pearl Fender headstock logo creates such an elegant presentation and appearance, and this is supported further by the natural color and glossy finish.

Nevertheless, Fender CD 140S Mahogany is not all about mahogany, anyway. You certainly can’t substitute the bridge and the fingerboard with other than rosewood, the primary choice for such parts. Fender CD 140S Mahogany features rosewood fingerboard with Compensated Graph Tech Nubone Saddle. You can notice Pearloid dot inlays there as well. There are 20 frets on the fingerboard, with 25.3” scale length and 11.81” fingerboard radius.

Pros of Fender CD 140S Mahogany
– All mahogany construction, providing exceptional tonal qualities and durability
– Affordable price
– Elegant, classy appearance

Price of Fender CD 140S Mahogany
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