Squier Affinity Review: A Slightly Thinner Entry-Level Stratocaster

Stratocaster guitar was first designed by Leo Fender in 1954, and has become extremely popular among electric guitar players all over the world. It has been played by quite some of the best guitarists of the world, and everybody has become familiar with the looks of it. Due to the popularity, a lot of manufacturers have tried to copy it, and Squier has been one of them that is widely known to provide decent qualities at affordable prices. Squier was purchased by Fender back there in 1965, so one may say that a Squier guitar is actually a Fender guitar as well. Nonetheless, since 1982, Squier under Fender has produced several Strat guitar models, using cost-efficient materials to press the prices, yet offering quite a punch. Squier Affinity is one of these models that has gathered a lot of attraction. Being one of the cheapest variants, Squier Affinity comes with a similar playability to the higher model, Squier Standard, making an interesting starting point for people trying to learn about Strat guitars.

Squier Affinity Review - A Slightly Thinner Entry-Level Stratocaster

With an Alder body, Squier Affinity offers a bright audio resonance. It sounds great, though its amplified sound is not comparable to a real Fender Strat guitar. Still, it sounds great and more than just satisfying considering its affordable price. It has three single coils so that it can be very versatile. If you have the right effects and amps, you can adjust it to work for almost anything, whether country or metal. Squier Affinity is extremely customizable. Though the original parts are decent already, you can always change the scratchplate, bridge, and neck easily. People tend to customize their guitars as the time goes, so this is neat.

Squier Affinity is not exactly a full-sized Strat guitar, though. It is somehow thinner. Squier Affinity has 21 medium jumbo frets on a Maple neck. There are a 5-way pickup selector, 2 tone knobs, and 1 volume knob. The hardware is standard die-cast, pretty solid and durable. The guitar itself is considerably durable, which is an awesome plus point. As one of the cheapest best Strat guitar, Squier Affinity is an excellent entry-level for beginners, and even its superb customizability can be a huge value for many advanced players. You will enjoy it more than you expect to.

Pros of Squier Affinity
– Decent sound quality
– Solid and durable
– Very customizable

Price of Squier Affinity
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