Alesis SR 16 Vs SR 18

People who are running with limited budget would love Alesis SR 16 and Alesis SR 18. These are very budget-friendly drum machines that are available at attractive prices. Well, needless to say, Alesis SR 18 is often a little more pricey than Alesis SR 16, but both are still viable choices. They have been produced since several years ago and have gained considerable success, as they are both still loved by many nowadays. People seek a large collection of cool effects, great output quality, also easy usage when choosing for a drum machine model. Which one should you choose? (Take a look: Akai XR20 Vs MPC 500)

Alesis SR 16 Vs SR 18

Alesis SR 16
Alesis SR 16 is cheaper than Alesis SR 18, so there is no need to be surprised that it has some lower specs and features. It comes with 12 velocity-sensitive pads with Dynamic Articulation, with 50 presets, 50 user drum kits, and 233 sounds assignable to any pad. The exclusive Alesis Dynamic Articulation feature makes it adjust its tonal content according to how hard you play it, creating such a realistic performance similar to real-life drums. It also comes with a bunch of features, like sound stacking, step editing, also reverb and ambiance. There are two footswitch jacks, MIDI I/O, headphone jack, and stereo main and aux outputs. Alesis SR 16 supports up to 16 polyphony voices.

Alesis SR 18
Compared to Alesis SR 16, Alesis SR 18 is arguably more powerful, but requires more experience with it in order to use it fully well. Quite similarly, Alesis SR 18 features 12 velocity-sensitive pads, also with Alesis Dynamic Articulation for exceptionally realistic performance. However, it comes with a total of 32 MB sound sets, in which there are more than 500 drums sounds and 50 additional bass tracks that are not given in Alesis SR 16. Also, Alesis SR 18 supports up to 32 polyphony voices so that it can perform better than Alesis SR 16 in complex musical pieces. Of course, there are built-in effects like reverb, EQ, and compression for each pad. Worth a note, while Alesis SR 16 runs with an AC adapter, Alesis SR 18 is a little bit more versatile as it can work with a battery as well.

Alesis SR 16 Vs SR 18

Alesis SR 16Alesis SR 18
Key features- Professional drum machine with 12 velocity sensitive pads (w/Dynamic Articulation(TM)) - 50 Preset / 50 User drum kits with 233 sounds assignable to any pad - Sound stacking, step editing, stereo samples with reverb and ambience - 2 Footswitch Jacks, MIDI I/O, Stereo main and aux outs, headphone jack, power supply included - Professional drum machine with 12 velocity sensitive pads (with Dynamic Articulation(TM))- Professional drum machine -12 velocity sensitive pads (w/Dynamic Articulation) enabling a drum sound to change its tonal content - Backlit LCD, MIDI I/O, Stereo Main and Aux outputs, drum Roll function, headphone output, 1/4" instrument input jack, 2 footswitch jacks - Battery powered (6xAA - not included) or AC adapter - included - 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth including over 500 Drum and percussion sounds and 50 bass sounds - Built-in Effects- Reverb, EQ and Compression on each pad, preset or editable by the user

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Their sound quality is quite decent and pleasant to the ears, yet, Alesis SR 18 can sound better than Alesis SR 16. It also comes with more sounds. Thus, we recommend you to choose Alesis SR 18!

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