Boss ME-80 Vs Zoom G5

On the article below, we are going to discuss the comparisons between Boss ME-80 and Zoom G5. Both models are available just under three hundred bucks, making them popular choices for entry-level and budget users. If you are not sure whether you should choose Boss ME-80 or Zoom G5, you have come to the right place!

Boss ME-80 Vs Zoom G5

Boss ME-80
Boss ME-80 is a multi-effect guitar pedal boasting rich features and functions. People love it because it comes with 8 pedal switches and 1 expression pedal, as well as a simple knob-based interface. With a pedal for each section of the unit, you can have an extreme precision of control over your play. You can also use it in the manual mode so that it works like a compact pedalboard. It can deliver up to eight simultaneous effect categories, each having multiple effect types. The unit itself contains 36 preset patches and can accommodate additional 36 user-made patches. Boss ME-80 comes with nine amp models, a tuner, aux in, and headphone out. There is also a built-in 38-second phrase looper. Also worth a note, its body is decently rugged and durable.

Zoom G5
Zoom G5 features a total of 145 effects, with 123 built-in stompbox presets and 22 amp models. It can contain up to 297 patches, with 99 banks in each of the three banks. In addition, it offers a high, heavy-duty performance, as it can play up to nine simultaneous effects (through 8 DSP and 1 Z-Pedal). It features four large LCD screens for each part of the unit, and rich ports for easy connectivity. It has a USB audio interface for recording with a DAW, and it comes with the Steinberg Cubase LE software. Also, it has a built-in drum machine, auto-chromatic tuner, and a 60-second looper. (Take a look: Zoom G5 Vs G5n)

Boss ME-80 Vs Zoom G5

Boss ME-80Zoom G5
BrandBOSS AudioZoom
Key features- Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interface - Eight simultaneous effects categories - Updated flagship-level COSM amps derived from the GT-100 - Eight multifunction footswitches and expression pedal - Manual mode for stomp box-style on/off; Memory mode for switching complete patch- Tube Booster (12AX7 tube) for up to 16dB of amp overdrive, ZFX-IV effects processor - 3D Z-pedal for multi-dimensional parameter control, Create and store up to 297 (99 banks x 3 patches) original tones, Looper function with 60 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing - 123 stomp box presets and 22 amp models, Balanced XLR output and selectable modes for DI use, Simultaneous use of up to nine effects

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With a knob-based interface, Boss ME-80 may provide a more practical and easier usage than Zoom G5. If you are used with knobs already, or if you simply prefer to work with knobs for control, you have a reason to choose Boss ME-80. It is also durable and sturdy. However, if you prioritize functionality, Zoom G5 makes the fullest value for your money, as Zoom G5 has a lot more built-in features. The Z-Pedal can also be a very handy tool in addition to the eight other regular pedals.

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