Dean EAB Acoustic Electric Bass Review: Fine All-Around Bass

Getting straight to the point, Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass is a fine all-around acoustic electric bass. With a very affordable price, Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass is easily one of the best value products that you can get from the market. It may not be exactly as astonishing as those expensive models, but is still an excellent starting point. If you are looking for a budget-friendly or entry-level acoustic-electric bass, Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass is the way!

Dean EAB Acoustic Electric Bass Review - Fine All-Around Bass

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass features a 34” mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard and pearl dot inlays. Indeed, it is a long-scale neck. In a glance, it has a size similar to the Tacoma bass. Thus, it fits well for tall players and people who have long arms. And, just like the Tacoma bass, smaller users may not feel very comfortable using it. The body is quite large and deep, constructed of mahogany as well, with spruce top. The frets are also well set and dressed, with reasonable heights. It has a satin finish that is very smooth to the touch. All in all, Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass is pretty easy to play and is neat.

Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass also offers decent features. It comes with die-cast tuners and passive preamp with volume and treble controls. The tuners are good, able to keep tune very well, as well as considerably strong and sturdy. The volume and treble controls are also accurate and intuitive, allowing you to adjust your play settings precisely. It has celluloid rosette that is traditional in look, while the saddle wood has a somehow contemporary shape.

And the sound quality is the biggest selling point of Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass. No exaggeration here; it has awesome sounds that are comparable to solid-wood guitars from higher price ranges! It has tight bass frequencies, with nice and clear reproduction of the string flutter. Even if you can correctly mic your plays, Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass can sound extremely clear and rich and powerful, almost like a grand piano with the top opened. Well, to be fair, while the acoustic sounds are exceptional, the electric sounds are just not as great. They are pretty good, but you may need some equalizations to optimize them.

Pros of Dean EAB Acoustic Electric Bass
– Extremely huge value at an affordable price!
– Easy and comfortable to play
– Resonably rugged
– Exceptional acoustic sounds!

Price of Dean EAB Acoustic Electric Bass
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