Suzuki QC1 Q Chord Digital Sound Guitar Review: Easy and Simple

Everyone loves music. Everyone, whether they fully realize this or not, would love to be able to play a musical instrument. However, learning to play one is no easy task, at all. It requires tremendous commitment and effort. Besides that, you will also need to spend some chunks of bucks in order to have your own instrument and equipment. However, this is no longer a big issue because Suzuki has introduced Suzuki QC1 Q Chord Digital Sound Guitar, an incredibly easy and straightforward device that comes at an affordable and budget-friendly price!

Suzuki QC1 Q Chord Digital Sound Guitar Review - Easy and Simple

Suzuki is very creative and innovative in designing Suzuki QC1 Q Chord. It is a unique digital instrument that combines several musical instruments into one. It plays chords like a piano, generates melody like a keyboard, and strums like a guitar. It has various buttons and a strum plate. Its neck has 36 rubber cord buttons, laid out in three rows. They trigger major, major 7 minor, minor 7, augmented, and dominant chords, but they also have other functions. Furthermore, the main draw of Suzuki QC1 Q Chord is, of course, the strum plate, which spans as wide as four octaves. You simply play on the strum plate by stroking with the tip of your fingers. Even though all these controls may seem overwhelming, the basics are actually extremely easy to understand.

The manufacturer said that Suzuki QC1 Q Chord is like a video game – it has multiple skill levels. You can learn it quickly, just within seconds. However, once you get the grip, you can add more features and improvisations into the play. There are 84 different chord combinations supported by the device. Combined with more than 100 instrument voices and fully-orchestrated rhythms, Suzuki QC1 Q Chord offers a lot. There are various built-in effects as well, like reverb, chorus, vibrato, and pitch bend. You can adjust the depth of each effect. The LCD screen may appear somehow too small for some people, but nevertheless gets the job going.

There is the Qchord Song Cartridge port, through which you can plug-in a song cartridge to then play and strum it. There are various song cartridges available separately, from Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night to Pop Favorites. All the robust controls over your music come in a very compact and portable body. Suzuki QC1 Q Chord is designed to be quite lightweight so that you can easily bring it anywhere anytime.

Pros of Suzuki QC1 Q Chord Digital Sound Guitar
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly price
– Compact and portable design
– Creative and innovative, extremely easy and simple to play
– Highly responsive

Price of Suzuki QC1 Q Chord Digital Sound Guitar
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