Boss ME-80 Vs DigiTech RP1000

Boss ME-80 and DigiTech RP1000 are two guitar pedals available under three hundred bucks. They are both famous and popular on the market, as they come with astonishing specs and features despite the affordable and budget-friendly prices. Thus, a lot of people often get confused in choosing between these two models. Which one is the best way to go?

Boss ME-80 Vs DigiTech RP1000

Boss ME-80
From the design point of view, you need to know that Boss ME-80 only affects pedals, so it must be put directly in front of your amp. This is usually not a big deal, because it still is a piece of hardware that can greatly expand the versatility of your guitar. People love it because it is reasonably compact and portable, with robust and rugged construction, also excellent performance and adjustability. It comes with 59 different effects and 9 guitar preamp models, rich enough to sculpt your tones, either for gigs or recording sessions. There are 72 patches, with 36 user-configurable presets and 36 built-in presets. It comes with stompbox-style knobs and incredibly easy and straightforward to use. There are eight footswitches and an expression pedal for your control over the effects. The phrase looper can record up to 38 seconds. It sounds excellent, too, thanks to the featured Boss’s Multi-Dimensional Processing. There is a USB port to connect to a computer and work with a DAW. (Please read: Boss ME-80 Vs Zoom G5)

DigiTech RP1000
A little bit differently from Boss ME-80, DigiTech RP1000 affects your amp and stompboxes, so it is somehow more flexible in placement. It comes with 40 tones and 40 effects, with 200 total presets (100 built-in presets, 100 user-made presets). There is an Amp/Cabinet bypass switch that allows you to turn off DigiTech RP1000’s internal amps and cabinets so that your amp’s tone stands alone. It features the Pedalboard option, which turns footswitches 6 through 10 into stompbox style effect on/off controls. It has a 10-character LED screen, which is very convenient to use. There are also various controls, like Stop, Play, and Overdub. Unfortunately, its 20-second phrase looper may be too short and limiting for some people.

Boss ME-80 Vs DigiTech RP1000

Boss ME-80DigiTech RP1000
BrandBOSS AudioDigiTech
Key features- Compact and powerful floor multi-effects with a simple knob-based interface - Eight simultaneous effects categories, each with multiple effects types - Dial up tones with the ease of using your favorite stompboxes - Includes a massive selection of top-quality effects- Controllable amp and stompbox loops use external gear - Defeat internal amps with the touch of a single button - Over 160 Amps, Cabinets, Stompboxes and Effects - 14 Heavy-duty metal switches - Built-in Expression pedal

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It is pretty hard to determine the winner of this product comparison. Basically, each model has each own advantages that make them both great products and great values for the money. Nevertheless, in the end, we recommend you to choose Boss ME-80, as the extra effects, decent controls, and longer phrase looper can bring incredible comfort in usage.

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