Boss DD3 Vs DD7

Delay is an audio effect that is very much desired by many musicians to create such a decaying echo in their music. If you are looking for a digital delay pedal under two hundred bucks, most probably, you are now considering to get either Boss DD3 or Boss DD7. In general, of course, Boss DD7 is packed with more specifications and features than Boss DD3. Yet, Boss DD7 is also a little bit more expensive than Boss DD3. Hence, the question is, should you get Boss DD3 or Boss DD7 for the best bang for your bucks?

Boss DD3 Vs DD7

In order to determine which one model is best for you, we essentially need to understand that Boss DD3 and Boss DD7 are designed quite differently from each other. They have hold modes that work differently. Boss DD3 comes with three time settings that can provide you with chorus-y effect to 800ms of delay bliss. You simply choose the Hold function, play a musical piece, then hold down the pedal and Boss DD will repeat the piece as much as you like. On the other hand, Boss DD7 comes with an expanded delay time, up to 6.4 seconds. Its Hold mode can provide up to 40 seconds of recording for sound on sound. In addition, it has two additional Delay modes besides the actual digital mode: Modulation Delay mode that offers a natural chorus-type audio effect, and Analog Delay mode that is similar to the classic warm Boss DM2 analog delay sound. In short, Boss DD7 comes with a load more of different delay models than Boss DD3.

Boss DD3 has no spill over circuit. As the effect, when you turn the pedal off, you will immediately cut the delay. On the contrary, Boss DD7 has a spill over circuit so that it will have some audio trails after you turn the pedal off. Boss DD7 also comes with an expression input and a looper. Last but not least, Boss DD7 is able to give you a lot more controllability over your music, as most of the features and functions each can be integrated with an external footswitch. The tap tempo, delay time, feedback, and effect level are controllable via external expressions pedals. This is very handy, as you will be able to to control everything easily and effortlessly.

Boss DD3 Vs DD7

Boss DD3Boss DD7
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Key features- Model# DD3 - chorus-y to 800ms of delay bliss- Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal

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So, between Boss DD3 and Boss DD7, which one should you choose? With a relatively small price increment, we can get a lot of upgrades and extra features from Boss DD7. Therefore, you should choose Boss DD7!

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