Marshall DSL15C Vs DSL40C

The quality of tone, crunchiness, and distortion of Marshall amps, while they may vary greatly in colors, are certainly always identifiable in an instant. The characteristic of Marshall amps are unmistakably very alive, incredible, and versatile, yet they are available at reasonable prices. Some of the latest installments to the DSL line are Marshall DSL15C and Marshall DSL40C. Both are guitar amp combo models. You may have or haven’t know that Marshall DSL15C is cheaper than Marshall DSL40C, but the price gap is not very large. As the effect, people looking for a decent guitar amp combo often get confused in choosing between Marshall DSL15C and Marshall DSL40C. So, which is the one that suits you the most? See also: Fender Champion 40 Vs Mustang II.

Marshall DSL15C Vs DSL40C

Each of Marshall DSL15C and Marshall DSL40C boasts an all-tube circuitry, dual-channel design, full/half power switch, along with various built-in functions and features. However, Marshall DSL15C has ECC8 tubes and a pair of 6V6 power amp tubes, while Marshall DSL40C utilizes two EL34 power amp tubes instead. As hinted by their names, they also possess different power. Marshall DSL15C is 15-Watt, while Marshall DSL40C is 40-Watt. Of course, if you are seeking for power and versatility, Marshall DSL40C has more than Marshall DSL15C. With a bigger power, you will be able to use the device for more purposes, including for live performances. On the other hand, you will still be able to decrease the power if you need to limit your audio volume, as it can run in 20-Watt and 7.5-Watt as well.

Once again, Marshall DSL40C has a better edge of versatility than Marshall DSL15C because it has two selectable modes per each channel, along with resonance control, individual reverb level control, and a series effect loop. On the other hand, Marshall DSL15C does not have an effect loop, and the crunch mode is only available on one of the channels. Instead of a resonance control, Marshall DSL15C offers a deep switch. In addition, Marshall DSL40C’s crunch mode seems to provide more overdrive than Marshall DSL15C.

Marshall DSL15C Vs DSL40C

Marshall DSL15CMarshall DSL40C
BrandMarshall AmpsMarshall Amps
Key features- 15 watts - All valve - 1x12" speaker - Digital Reverb- 40 watts, All valve, 1x12" Celestine Speaker, 2-way Footswitch - Two footswitchable channels - Classic Gain & Ultra Gain

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For general purpose, Marshall DSL40C makes the best choice here. Its versatility is very much excellent. You can use it for live performances as well as for home usage. Its extra features of effect loop and individual reverb control are also great, especially if you use effect pedals. However, if you will only use your guitar amp at home, where you don’t need excessively loud output, you can save some bucks with Marshall DSL15C.

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