MXR M169 Carbon Copy Review: Excellent Analog Delay Pedal

Guess what? You don’t always have to empty your bank account just to get the equipment that you can actually rely on. Are you looking for a decent and reliable analog delay pedal to help you generate that elusive, warm delay sound of your guitar tone? Well, you should take a look at MXR M169 Carbon Copy! It is an awesome analog delay pedal for your guitar that is able to give you excellent sonic reproduction and serve for various purposes. Creating tight slap back echos? Thickening up solos? Taking soundscapes to the deep end? It can tackle all of them! And, what is equally interesting, is that it comes at a very affordable and reasonable price!

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Review - Excellent Analog Delay Pedal

MXR M169 Carbon Copy is an all-analog delay pedal that is rich in features. It can provide you up to 600 milliseconds of delay time. With the bucket-brigade technology and true hardwire bypass switching, it has modulation controls that can emulate tape echo tones. Physically, it has a very compact and portable stompbox enclosure. It is quite lightweight, so you can easily take it and bring it along wherever and whenever needed, yet is also quite rugged and durable. On the exterior, you can see three knobs; each is responsible for controlling Delay, Mix, and Regen, respectively. Another nifty feature is the lighting system. MXR M169 Carbon Copy is armed with ultra-bright blue LEDs that provide some useful illumination over the hardware. They are very handy when you are performing on dark stages or in any dark environment. Internally, it’s got two internal trim pots for adjusting modulation speed and width.

MXR M169 Carbon Copy is certainly not just some clone or emulation of a classic design – it’s got its own distinctive characteristics. Setting the Delay knob all the way to the left, you can get some slapback delay tones. The audio reproduction is very warm and fluid, and is easily among the best slapback tones ever. At 12 o’clock, with the Mod button engaged, MXR M169 Carbon Copy is able to generate extremely smooth sound that adds vivid vibrancy to your performance, helping you to get a big lead sound easily. Meanwhile, setting the knobs all the way to the left will generate cascading delay waves that can be fun for sonic explorations. By taking the Regen knob and Trim Pots into play, you can even have the opportunity to weave your own signature sound. With such capability, MXR M169 Carbon Copy is a huge value for the money!

Specifications of MXR M169 Carbon Copy
Output Impedance 1 kΩ
Input Impedance 1 MΩ
Max Output Level +8 dBV
Max Input Level +5 dBV at 500Hz
Noise Floor**Regen at max CCW, A-weighted
Mix at Max CCW -104 dBV
Mix at Max CW -96 dBV
Delay Time 20 ms to 600 ms
Delay Distortion <1% at 1 kHz, with -5 dBV Input
Modulation Speed 0.2 Hz to 2.2 Hz
Noise Reduction 2:1 ratio
Bypass True Hardwire
Power Supply 9 Volts DC
Current Draw 26 mA

Pros of MXR M169 Carbon Copy
– Affordable, reasonable price
– Excellent audio reproduction quality
– Feature-packed

Price of MXR M169 Carbon Copy
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