Boss RC3 Vs RC30

Are you finding difficulties in choosing between Boss RC3 and Boss RC30? Both are loop pedals, but they are being sold on the market with very different prices. Boss RC30 is significantly more expensive than Boss RC3. Even so, in a few glances, they seem to be quite similar in the specifications and features. Of course, the physical construction are distinctive, but do they actually have the same level functionality? Which is the model for the best bang for the bucks? Continue reading to find out! (Read also: Ditto X2 Vs Boss RC-3)

Boss RC3 Vs RC30

Boss RC3 and Boss RC30 are basically the same regarding recording time, memory, USB connection, and some basic drum patterns. They each can record up to 99 phrases in the available memory slots. They can be connected to a computer via USB as well. However, Boss RC3 is what you would say as the basic model. It is affordable and comes with all the vital functions, but without the extras. On the contrary, Boss RC30 is the more advanced model. Boss RC30 comes with two pedals and two simultaneous tracks, allowing you to handle two loops separately and to have one track playing while you record another loop on the other track. The wider button layout is also beneficial in a way that it becomes quite easier to start, stop, and undo.

Boss RC30 is also packed with more features, like the mentioned ability to record a loop and backing it up. Boss RC30 also allows you to plug in mic, keyboard, effect pedal, or effect processor so that you can apply loop on them. Boss RC30 comes with built-in effects, dedicated volume faders, and track-select buttons. Boss RC 3 and Boss RC 30 each is also equipped with a 1/8” aux input and an XLR input with phantom power.

Boss RC3 Vs RC30

Boss RC3Boss RC30
BrandBOSS AudioBOSS Audio
Key features- Model# RC3 - 1 9V batteries required - 9 x 4 x 6 inches- Two synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume faders and track-select buttons - 99 onboard memory phrases for storing loops - Built-in effects for processing loops

Customer Ratings*4.6 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars
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To conclude our discussion about Boss RC3 and Boss RC30, Boss RC3 is the basic model while Boss RC30 is an advanced model with more additional features. If you are simply seeking for a looper and you don’t need the extra features, you can seriously save some bucks and do well with Boss RC3. It holds the fullest value for the money. However, if you don’t mind spending some more money to have the convenience of a twin pedal system, then Boss RC30 is the way.

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