Ditto X2 Vs EHX 720

As Electro-Harmonix has just released a new looper pedal named EHX 720, it is only about time that people will eventually compare the product against Ditto X2. Both are similar in many ways. EHX 720 and Ditto X2 are also available in the same price range – you can get one of them with a budget under two hundred bucks. So, what are the differences and distinctions between Ditto X2 and EHX 720? Which is the model that can give you the best bang for the bucks?

Ditto X2 Vs EHX 720

Putting the two products next to each other, we can see that they are roughly of the same size. They are pretty compact, lightweight, and portable. However, they are designed quite differently. Ditto X2 is crafted for the utmost simplicity without reducing functionality. Ditto X2 features only a single control knob for adjusting the loop level, two small buttons, and two footswitches for switching the loop and effect. The ports are placed at the top side, with a pair of stereo input and a pair of stereo output, plus a mini USB jack for updating the firmware and a charging port.

On the other hand, EHX 720 may seem to be more comprehensive, as it features more control knobs and buttons, also two silent footswitches for switching the loop and effect. There are three light indicators and a seven-segment display screen to inform you about the currently active mode. EHX 720 also features a pair of stereo input and a pair of stereo output. There is no USB connectivity, but EHX 720 is packed with three foot controller inputs that allow you to integrate it with external foot controllers.

Even though appearing simple, Ditto X2 is loved for the excellent functions. It is able to record up to 5 minutes, and allow unlimited overdubbing over the recording. There are also some looper effects and functions: stop, reverse, and half-speed. However, EHX 720 can offer you a maximum recording time of 12 minutes, or you can record up to 10 different independent loops. Another cool feature is that EHX 720 allows you to record two instruments at once by using the inputs for each source. EHX 720 features stop, reverse, half-speed, and undo-redo functions, along with a loop fade-out mode.

Ditto X2 Vs EHX 720

Ditto X2EHX 720
BrandTC ElectronicElectro-Harmonix
Key features- Dedicated Start/Stop Button - Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed - Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks- 12 minutes of recording time. 10 independent loops. - Stop, Undo-Redo, Reverse and Half-speed effects at the touch of a button. Loop fadeout (trails) mode. - Stereo in/out for enhanced usability... record two instruments at once. Silent footswitches.

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Coming with a better price, EHX 720 actually comes with more in-depth functions and features. It can also record longer loops. Therefore, EHX 720 is the best choice here!

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