Marshall MG30CFX Vs Fender Mustang II

Marshall MG30CFX and Fender Mustang II are two guitar amp combo models that are being sold around similar prices. As both of them are made by worldwide-known manufacturers, we can certainly assume that they are both quality products. As for the moment, you must be wondering whether you should purchase Marshall MG30CFX or Fender Mustang II. Well, put yourself at ease now because you can find the comparisons between the two just below! So, continue reading! (Read also: Fender Champion 40 Vs Mustang II)

Marshall MG30CFX Vs Fender Mustang II

If you try to observe both products side by side, you can immediately notice that Marshall MG30CFX is a little bit smaller than Fender Mustang II. Of course, this is because Marshall MG30CFX is packed with a 10” speaker while Fender Mustang II is armed with a 12” speaker. Marshall MG30CFX is mostly black in color, also with a black mesh, with a silver control panel. Meanwhile, Fender Mustang II also has a black body but with a light-brown mesh.

As hinted by the sizes, Fender Mustang II packs a bigger power than Marshall MG30CFX. Fender Mustang II has a 40-Watt power while Marshall MG30CFX is only 30-Watt. Having more power is generally a good thing, as you will be able to use the amp for more purposes. 40-Watt is usually considered adequate for practices as well as live performances.

Another crucial difference between Marshall MG30CFX and Fender Mustang II is the computer connectivity. Marshall MG30CFX has on-board controls and is used without needing to connect to a computer. Marshall MG30CFX features four channels, in each you can adjust the effects so that you can immediately switch to a set of effects quickly just by changing the channels. On the contrary, Fender Mustang II comes with the FUSE software and USB connectivity. By connecting it to a computer and using the given software, you will be able to widen its functionality. Fender Mustang II comes with 17 amp models and 24 built-in effects, but you can perform in-depth editing and recording, as well as crafting your own audio effects through the computer connectivity.

Marshall MG30CFX Vs Fender Mustang II

Marshall MG30CFXFender Mustang II
BrandMarshall AmpsFender
Key features- 30 Watts - 1x10 combo - 4 programmable channels - Effects - MP3 input- With a turn of a knob - Shape the on-board amp models 'on the fly' or dig deep - Jam along with your favorite tracks by simply plugging your MP3 player into the Auxiliary input

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Bottom Line
Considering that Fender Mustang II holds a bigger power and a lot more functionality, it makes the best bang for the bucks. In general, Fender Mustang II is the best way to go, especially if you indeed plan to work with a computer quite a lot. However, if you don’t want to bother integrating your amp with a computer, you can choose Marshall MG30CFX.

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