Ditto X2 Vs Boss RC-3

If you are currently looking for a looper that is not only affordable and budget-friendly, but also reliable, then most probably you are now considering to get either Ditto X2 or Boss RC-3. These loopers are available in the same price range, under two hundred bucks. Both models are also quite popular on the market. They are mostly preferred for practices by most users, and sometimes recording purposes. So, which model should you get? Before you make a hasty choice, be sure that you have a good idea about how the two are very different from each other. (Read also: Ditto X2 Vs EHX 720)

Ditto X2 Vs Boss RC-3

True Bypass versus Buffered Bypass
Perhaps, one of the very first factors that you need to consider is that Ditto X2 is a true bypass looper while Boss RC-3 is buffered bypass. As the effect, Ditto X2 will not affect your audio signal when the looper is not activated. On the contrary, Boss RC-3 can still affect your audio signal even when it is not activated. It tends to suck up the tones a little bit. This may not be very noticeable if you only use one looper, but may become a disturbance if you have more than one loopers or other equipment that possesses similar effects.

Functions and Features
Anyhow, Boss RC-3 indeed comes with a decent pack of features and functions. It features a massive memory that can store up to 99 loop patches equal to 3 hours of non-stop recording! In addition, it also comes with a rhythm guide with real drum sounds of various types, such as Rock, R&B, Funk, Pop, and Latin. On the other hand, Ditto X2 can only record continuously up to 5 minutes, but this duration should be sufficient for most purposes. Furthermore, Ditto X2 allows you to perform an unlimited number of times of overdubbing. You can replay a loop to record an additional backing as much as you like! Ditto X2 may be somewhat limited in functions and features, but the crucial basics are covered very well. The looper comes with a dedicated start/stop button and three looper effects: stop, reverse, and half-speed. Both Ditto X2 and Boss RC-3 support loop import/export, with stereo input and output. Boss RC-3 records in 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, while Ditto X2 records in 44.1 kHz, 16–24 bit.

Ditto X2 Vs Boss RC-3

Ditto X2Boss RC-3
BrandTC ElectronicBOSS Audio
Key features- Dedicated Start/Stop Button - Looper effects: Stop, Reverse and Half Speed - Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks- Model# RC3

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Even though the looper doesn’t have as many features, Ditto X2 brings a more reliable performance. It is true bypass and straightforward to use. The recording quality is also virtually better, though you can’t really hear so much of distinction between 16-bit and 24-bit. Therefore, Ditto X2 should be your choice here.

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