Fulltone OCD Vs PlimSoul

Fulltone OCD and Fulltone PlimSoul are both overdrive guitar effect pedals. Since a long time ago, Fulltone has produced a number of superb-quality pedals, which explains why a lot of people love their products and tend to value their creations highly. As for now, Fulltone OCD and Fulltone PlimSoul are overdrive pedals that are available in the same price range. As they are made by the same manufacturer, it can be somehow difficult to tell which one that suits us the best. So, what are the differences between Fulltone OCD and Fulltone PlimSoul?

Fulltone OCD Vs PlimSoul

From the functionality point of view, Fulltone OCD and Fulltone PlimSoul are already very different. Fulltone OCD, which stands for “Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive” (not the disorder one), is solely an overdrive guitar effect pedal. On the other hand, Fulltone PlimSoul features two different modes. You can set it soft-clipped to achieve an overdrive effect that is bluesy and slightly compressed, or set it hard-clipped to generate a distortion effect that is firmer and crunchier. So, indeed, we can say that Fulltone PlimSoul is an overdrive/distortion combo. (Please also see this relevant comparison: Fulltone OCD Vs Tube Screamer)

They also sound very differently from each other. One thing for sure, both models are true bypass, which can be crucial for some people. Fulltone OCD, as described by many users, is an overdrive pedal that is extremely natural, almost like a cranked amplifier. It retains the original tone of the guitar very well. However, while it has excellent bass and treble responses, it is a little bit short in mids. Fulltone OCD features an HP/LP switch. The HP (High Peak) mode increases the volume, sharpens the frequency response, and beefs up the bass. The LP (Low Peak) mode keeps the original tone more purely intact, making it more of a transparent overdrive.

On the other hand, Fulltone PlimSoul has quite considerably more compression. The PlimSould generates softer and somewhat warmer tones, with much more gain. The PlimSoul is also known to provide decent mid presence boost, but also with the typical bass cut. So, you can say that Fulltone PlimSoul doesn’t sound as bold as Fulltone OCD, but defines the mids more properly.

Fulltone OCD Vs PlimSoul

Fulltone OCDFulltone PlimSoul
Key features- Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal- For many, many years you've basically had 2 choices for your Overdrive;/Distortion pedals

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Both Fulltone OCD and Fulltone PlimSoul are excellent products, and you need to choose according to your needs and preferences. Fulltone OCD should be the way to go if you want something that sounds totally neutral. Fulltone PlimSoul is the choice if you benefit from the overdrive/distortion combo, and if you prefer the softer tones and mid presence boost.

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