Boss RC3 Vs Ditto

In a previous article, we have compared Boss RC3 with Ditto X2. The two are standing in the same price range. However, this time, we are about to discuss the differences between Boss RC3 and Ditto. Unlike the X2, Ditto is some sort of a stripped-down version that is marketed at a significantly lower, friendlier price. So, is Ditto a looper possessing an excellent value for the money? Is it a better worth than Boss RC3, or not?

Boss RC3 Vs Ditto

Buffered Bypass or True Bypass
Just like before, once again, one of the most crucial differences between the two products is that Boss RC3 is buffered bypass, which means that it can alter and suck up your guitar tones a little bit when it is connected, even though it is not activated. It tends to cause the loss of tones to some degree, especially after a few years or so. On the contrary, Ditto is especially loved by many because the looper is true bypass. Ditto will not cause the loss of tones and will not suck up your guitar tones.

Stereo or Mono
The next important difference is that Boss RC3 is stereo while Ditto is mono. Boss RC3 features a pair of input and a pair of output; all are 1/4″ phone type. On the contrary, Ditto only has a single input and a single output. Depending on your need and requirement, you can still do well with a mono looper or you should go with a stereo looper.

Comparing the two against each other, Ditto is significantly smaller than Boss RC3. It is more compact and lighter. It only features a handful number of on-board controls. As simple as its appearance, Ditto is extremely straightforward to use. It even only has a single knob button, and all the essential functions like record, undo/redo, stop, and erase are accessible through different practical foot-commands. It can provide up to 5 minutes of loop time, and records in high-quality uncompressed 24-bit. Like the sibling, X2, Ditto also allows you to perform an unlimited number of overdubs so that you can replay every recording and add more backing as many times as you like!

Boss RC3, on the other hand, is very feature-packed. It comes with a huge memory that can record up to 99 loop patches, equal to 3 hours of non-stop recording. It can automatically start recording as you start playing your guitar. To keep your loops tight and in time, Boss RC3 has a built-in rhythm pattern library featuring ten different rhythm models. There are volume and tempo control knobs for adjusting the volume and tempo of the rhythm. Boss RC3 records in 16-bit/44.1-kHz.

Boss RC3 Vs Ditto

Boss RC3Ditto
BrandBoss AudioTC Electronic
Key features- Model# RC3- Designed by guitarists, for guitarists - 5 minutes of loop time, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo

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If you are fine with a mono looper, then you should choose Ditto for the best bang for the bucks. It is easier and more practical to use, with excellent features already. It also records in a better quality. Yet, if you prefer stereo, you should consider Boss RC3 or other loopers.

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