Marshall DSL15C Vs Blues JR

Marshall and Fender are both big and famous manufacturers. People worldwide have known them to produce excellent quality guitar amplifiers. As for the moment, if you are now seeking for a guitar amp that possesses a 15-Watt power, the companies are glad and confident to offer you Marshall DSL15C and Fender Blues JR. The two are standing in a similar price range, though usually, Marshall DSL15C is a little bit more expensive than Fender Blues JR. Which is the model that holds the best value for the money?

Marshall DSL15C Vs Blues JR

Marshall DSL15C
Marshall DSL15C is a compact and all-valve system of 15-Watt guitar amp combo. It is powered by two 6V6 power valves and three ECC83 preamp tubes. Even though it is small physically, it packs decent audio power. It is very versatile and flexible, as it is equipped with a pentode/triode switch for selecting the power to be 15-Watt or 7.5-Watt. It also offers various built-in features, such as digital reverb, a foot switchable classic/ultra gain channels and a deep switch for boosting and bulking up the lower-end frequencies. Furthermore, it is also supplied with a two-button footswitch for reverb on/off and channel change, making it very convenient and easy to handle. Armed with a single 12” Celestine G12E speaker, Marshall DSL15C is typically able to achieve a considerably higher gain than Blues JR without needing any additional pedal. (Read also: Marshall DSL15C Vs VOX AC15C1)

Fender Blues JR
Fender Blues JR is also a 15-Watt guitar amp. However, it is characterized by the warm-toned tonal personality. Powered by EL84 power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes, Fender Blues JR is able to deliver fat and solid mid frequencies. The users especially love the clean and crunch tones of Fender Blues JR. It doesn’t deliver as much gain as Marshall DSL15C, but you can achieve the desired level by using a pedal. Fender Blues JR is armed with a 12” lightning bolt speaker that is specially designed by Eminence to perform superior clean, overdriven, and distorted tones. Fender Blues JR comes with several features as well, most notably real spring reverb and foot-switchable FAT boost. It can also work with external speakers.

Marshall DSL15C Vs Blues JR

Marshall DSL15CBlues JR
BrandMarshall AmpsFender
Key features- 15 watts - All valve - 1x12" speaker - Digital Reverb- An absolutely perfect choice for the studio and smaller venues. - 15 watts of sweet, touch-sensitive tube tone that overdrives nicely when cranked.

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Basically, both models are excellent amps with different characteristics. Marshall DSL15C is perhaps more versatile due to sounding somehow more neutral, being able to reach higher gain levels, and coming with the ability to switch between 15-Watt and 7.5-Watt. However, if you prefer a warm-toned amp that delivers full and solid mids, with excellent clean, overdriven, and distorted tones, then Fender Blues JR should be the way.

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