Casio CTK 2400 Vs 3200

CTK 2400 and CTK 3200 are Casio’s offers if you are seeking for a compact and portable keyboard, but with standard-sized keys. Having the full-sized keys on your keyboard is crucial, especially for serious keyboardists and professional works, because the size will fit with our muscle memory. Otherwise, you will have a hard time trying to hit the right notes. Weighing under 10 lbs each, Casio CTK 2400 and Casio CTK 3200 are both very lightweight, allowing you to bring them easily along whenever and wherever needed. However, Casio CTK 3200 is slightly more expensive than Casio CTK 2400. So, what are the differences between Casio CTK 2400 and Casio CTK 3200? Which one should you get? (See also: Casio SA-76 Vs SA-77)

Casio CTK 2400 Vs 3200

The first difference between the two models that you can immediately notice is certainly from the design. If you put Casio CTK 2400 and Casio CTK 3200 side by side, you can surely tell that the CTK 3200 is a thud bigger and bulkier than the CTK 2400. Furthermore, CTK 3200 is also a little bit heavier than CTK 2400. Whereas the cheaper model weighs 7.94 lbs, the slightly more expensive variant weighs 8.6 lbs. Well, these differences are actually quite trivial; Casio CTK 3200 is still compact and portable enough for convenient travel.

In addition, the layout of Casio CTK 2400 may be somewhat more comfy and pleasant to your eyes. This is because the model has some variation in its font color – white, yellow, black. Compare to Casio CTK 3200, whose font is mostly white. The LCD screen is of the same size, though. Also, both are 61-key keyboards.

Nevertheless, there is one great reason that can make you stick with Casio CTK 3200 whatsoever. The model has its keys equipped with touch sensitivity. There are two sensitivity levels, and you can also turn the feature off if needed. The feature is essential, especially for the dedicated players, as we certainly want to produce different sound characteristics with different touches. Casio CTK 2400 lacks this feature, responding with the same sound level to any way you touch a key.

Other than that, the rest of the specifications and features of the two models are identical. They each offers a number of advanced functions, including 48 notes of maximum polyphony, 400 inbuilt tones, 10 types of effects, reverb, metronome, 150 rhythm patterns, transpose, tuning, and sampling. They also have a standard sustain jack, an audio input port, a stereo headphone output, also a USB port for MIDI.

Casio CTK 2400 Vs 3200

Casio CTK 2400Casio CTK 3200
Key features- New, intuitive sampling function with built-in microphone and power supply included - 400 AHL keyboard voices - Voice percussion function (samples are integrated into the rhythm) - Improved sampling effects - Step-up learning system- Premium bundle includes the Casio CTK-3200 keyboard with power supply, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, and World Tour SXKS keyboard stand - 400 AHL keyboard voices and 150 Rhythms - 48-note polyphony - 61 dynamic touch keys - Step-up learning system

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There are not so many differences between the two models, but Casio CTK 3200 is always the best way to go. The touch-sensitive response is a crucial feature for any keyboard player.

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