Midiplus AKM320 Review: Excellent Value Keyboard Controller!

Every music composer would love to have a truly compact, lightweight, and portable music making tool that can be easily brought along in their travel. When you are at home, indeed, you can make use of your main keyboard. However, as you go somewhere else, bringing a full-sized keyboard is not so convenient. This is where midiplus AKM320 comes in handy.

Midiplus AKM320 Review

midiplus AKM320 is a MIDI keyboard controller that is very compact, lightweight, and portable. It is a great choice for someone who has just started in the world of music making and on a tight budget. It can connect to a computer device via USB. It is plug-and-play, and it works well with any DAW software. The USB connection also acts as the power source for the device; hence, as long as your laptop has enough battery, it is always ready to serve!

midiplus AKM320 comes with 32 notes, which should be sufficient for songs that are not too complex. Even if you need more octave ranges, there are onboard octave up and down buttons easily reachable that you can use. The keys are velocity sensitive, allowing you to perform more creative works. Furthermore, there are also other onboard controls, such as transpose buttons and volume slider. The heavy-duty pitch wheel and modulation wheel are very intuitive and fun to work with. Last but not least, midiplus AKM320 has a sustain pedal input, too! All in all, midiplus AKM320 is an excellent value for the money. With such low price, it can already give you superior functionality, allowing you to get your work done anywhere and anytime! (Read also: Alesis V25 Vs Arturia MiniLab)

Specifications of midiplus AKM320
Weight: 0.72 (kg)
Dimensions: 46 x 12.5 x 3 (cm)
32-note velocity sensitive mid-size keys
Octave Buttons (Up & Down)
Transpose Buttons (Up & Down)
Pitch Wheel
Modulation Wheel
Sustain switch interface (sustain pedal is not included)
USB B type: USB connect to computer

Pros of midiplus AKM320
– Compact, lightweight, and portable
– Plug-and-play, compatible with any DAW software
– Decent construction
– Easy and intuitive control
– Very competitive price

Price of midiplus AKM320
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