Sony ECM CS3 Review: Mini Clip-Style Omnidirectional Mic

Are you trying to perform a solo recording, in which you need a mic that is small enough to be easily mounted anywhere so that you are able to use your hands freely? What you need is a mini clip-style mic, and Sony ECM CS3 is an excellent solution for you. Available at a price point that definitely will not break the bank, the product offers such unmatched flexibility and versatility!


Sony ECM CS3 has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means that the mic captures sounds equally from any angle. With such configuration, it is able to function properly for any purpose. Furthermore, the mic is rotatable, allowing for lithesome placement and mounting. You want to attach it to your collar? Sure, go ahead. You want it on you earpiece? Well, put it there! Besides extremely small and compact, it is also ultimately lightweight with only 12 grams of mass, so it will not bother the wearer no matter where it is placed. Sony ECM CS3 is perfect for recording with any DVR, mobile device, or PC.

Sony ECM CS3 is a stereo electret condenser mic. With a frequency response range of 50 Hz – 15 kHz, it is able to capture lows, mids, and highs quite accurately. The audio reproduction is satisfyingly bright, clean, and crisp. For maximum audio quality and longevity, Sony ECM CS3 is armed with an oxygen-free copper cable. The length of the cable is 1.0 meter, and Sony ECM CS3 connects to a device via a gold-plated stereo mini plug. Another awesome thing about Sony ECM CS3 is that it requires no dedicated power source; it plug-in powered. So, you don’t need to worry about recharging batteries or getting a specialized power supply with Sony ECM CS3.

Specifications of Sony ECM CS3
Weight 12.0 g
Usage Clip & Stand PC Microphone
Vocal dynamic microphone NO
Electret condenser microphone YES
Uni-directional NO
Omni-directional YES
Mono NO
Stereo YES
Frequency 50–15000 Hz
Output level -38.0 dB
Cord type OFC Cord
Cord length 1.0 m
Plug Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini
Battery power supply NO
AC power supply NO
Equipment-supported plug-in power YES
Microphone holder

Pros of Sony ECM CS3
– Very convenient hands-free clip-style usage
– The mic can rotate, allowing for flexible and versatile placement
– Plug-in powered; no need for battery or power supply
– Extremely affordable and budget-friendly

Price of Sony ECM CS3
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