Casio CTK 3200 Vs 4400

Are you confused in choosing between Casio CTK 4400 and Casio CTK 3200? Casio CTK 4400 is a step more expensive than Casio CTK 3200. Hence, as the effect, you are now wondering if you should make that step or not. Both models are 61-key piano-style keyboards that have been equipped with touch sensitivity in order to imitate the realism of digital pianos and, perhaps a little bit way too far, acoustic pianos. Nevertheless, Casio CTK 3200 and Casio CTK 4400 make feasible affordable choices if you want to showcase your playing efforts. Below, you can read the comparisons between Casio CTK 3200 and Casio CTK 4400.


Both models are generally compact and portable, but Casio CTK 4400 is a thud larger and bulkier and slightly heavier than Casio CTK 3200. This seems to be because Casio CTK 4400 comes with larger speakers and a wider display screen. Talking about the display screen, you should also make a note that Casio CTK 4400 has been armed with a backlit blue LCD screen, which makes it much easier to read in any lighting condition even in a dark room. In addition, Casio CTK 4400’s lower body that contains the keys are colored in a silver hue as opposed to the upper body’s black color, enhancing the elegant appearance.

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However, on Casio CTK 3200, you can find one special feature: the onboard pitch bend wheel. With the feature, you can easily change the pitch of the sound. The pitch bend range is from 0 to 12 semitones. Casio CTK 4400 does not have that feature. However, Casio CTK 4400 comes with its own special feature: a built-in recorder. It can record up to 6 tracks per song, and save up to 5 songs. For training, a recorder is generally more useful than a fancy pitch bend wheel, but you may have your own preference. Also, don’t forget that Casio CTK 4400 comes with a lot more tones, rhythms, and built-in songs. Both models support USB-MIDI, a sustain jack, a standard stereo output jack, and a stereo mini input jack.

Even though both models have two selectable levels of touch sensitivity, we must say that Casio CTK 4400 has deeper and richer sounds compared to Casio CTK 3200. The sounds respond more accurately to the intensity of your hits. In addition, Casio CTK 4400’s speakers are indeed more powerful, making it able to generate louder volume levels while keeping the notes and tones crisp and clear.

Casio CTK 3200 Vs 4400

Casio CTK 3200Casio CTK 4400
Key features- Premium bundle includes the Casio CTK-3200 keyboard with power supply, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, and World Tour SXKS keyboard stand - 400 AHL keyboard voices and 150 Rhythms - 48-note polyphony - 61 dynamic touch keys - Step-up learning system- Premium keyboard pack comes with Samson HP30 closed-cup headphones, keyboard stand, and power supply - 61 piano-look, touch-sensitive keys - 600 AHL keyboard voices - Hall effect button (at the touch of a button, concert hall reverb can be applied to the sound of the keyboard) - 48-note polyphony

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In general, Casio CTK 4400 makes the best way to go. The keys are better and more sensitive, and it comes with a built-in recorder. There are more built-in features. The backlit display screen also makes it easy to read.

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