Casio LK 280 Vs Yamaha EZ 200

So, you are now interested in investing your money on a lighted keyboard, aren’t you? If you fancy the idea of having a lighted keyboard, Casio LK 280 and Yamaha EZ 200 become feasible choices. These keyboards have lighted keys that can turn on for cool visual effect as well as for making practice much easier. Nevertheless, even though Casio LK 280 and Yamaha EZ 200 are available at almost similar prices, there are some differences that set them apart. You need to know the differences between these two keyboards before making a choice!


Both Casio LK 280 and Yamaha EZ 200 are 61-key keyboards with lighted keys. Although they have the same number of keys and a similar feature, we must say that Casio LK 280’s lighting looks better. Unlike Yamaha EZ 200 that lights up the keys with red dots in a very inelegant way, Casio Lk 280’s keys are fully lighted on the far end, with the red hue gradually losing color towards the base. The light indicators then become more intuitive and much easier to see this way. Additionally, Casio LK 280’s control panel is arranged neatly. Some people consider Yamaha EZ 200’s control panel to be rather toyish. Each of these two models is armed with a pair of 12cm 2.5W speakers; they can be loud enough for training at home or in a small room. Both models allow you to connect external speakers or headphones, though. Both models also support MIDI I/O and additional pedals. However, Casio LK 280 also has a memory card slot compatible with SD and SDHC.

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Casio LK 280 beats Yamaha EZ 200 in almost every way. Even though Yamaha EZ 200’s AWM Stereo Sampling technology performs an excellent job in reproducing very accurate and clear tones, it only comes with 367 tones. And it only has 32-note polyphony. Once you get to play more complex pieces, it will struggle to keep up. Casio LK 280, on the other hand, comes with 48-note maximum polyphony, offering some better edge for more complicated songs. The model boast 600 built-in tones, along with a built-in sampling function! Both models have touch-sensitive keys. Casio LK 280 offers two levels of sensitivity to allow you to adapt the keyboard to your playing style.

Casio LK 280 Vs Yamaha EZ 200

Casio LK 280Yamaha EZ 200
Key features- Number of the key :61Keys - Keyboard size: Piano type standard size with key lighting system - Touch Response:2 sensitivity levels, Off - Sound Source:AHL - Maximum Polyphony:48 notes- 61 Full Size Keys - 32 Notes of Polyphony - 367 high-quality tones - Learn to play the "EZ" way instructional method - Stereo Speakers

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You should go with Casio LK 280. Having 48-note polyphony, it stands a better chance in handling fast, complex songs. It also has better design and more features.

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