Fishman Loudbox Mini Vs Marshall AS50D

So, you are now looking for a great-sounding amp with a budget of sub five hundred dollars, aren’t you? For the price range, perhaps you’ve got some people advising you with either Fishman Loudbox Mini or Marshall AS50D. Indeed, these two products are heavily popular on the market. Lots of people have trusted and fallen in love with these two amps. They have excellent performance and quality. However, before you choose between these two excellent choices, it would be wise to learn about their differences and comparisons first to determine which will suit your best.


In terms of design, Fishman Loudbox Mini and Marshall AS50D are already very different from each other. Fishman Loudbox Mini is a little bit taller, but Marshall AS50D is significantly wider to the sides. In addition, Fishman Loudbox Mini weighs only about 19.7 lbs whereas Marshall AS50D comes with a body mass of about 35.3 lbs. As you can see, Marshall AS50D is quite a bulky and heavy amp. It may need some of your extra efforts if you plan to bring it to gigs. This is because Marshall AS50D is a two-speaker amp. It embodies a pair of 8” speakers. On the other hand, Fishman Loudbox Mini is armed with a single 6.5” speaker, making it much more compact and lighter.

Due to the different configurations, these two amps also perform quite differently. On paper, Fishman Loudbox Mini has a higher power. It comes with 60W power. The performance is indeed excellent. It is able to deliver lows, mids, and highs accurately. The sound is also full and solid. However, once we compare it to Marshall AS50D, we will see how a two-speaker amp can perform. Coming armed with two 8” speakers, the 50W amp is capable of delivering exceptional sound quality. It projects the notes very accurately, with crisp treble, articulate midrange, and strong bass. The bass performance deserves a special mention because the bottom end is truly awesome. It reproduces deep, full, and solid low-end frequencies. It’s got that boomy feeling that you seek from high-quality speakers and amps. Both models come with built-in chorus and reverb.

Fishman Loudbox Mini Vs Marshall AS50D

Fishman Loudbox MiniMarshall AS50D
BrandFishmanMarshall Amps
Key features- Power: 60W with Master Volume - Drivers: 6.5" woofer, 1" tweeter - Weight: 19.7 lbs.- 50 Watts - 2x8 2 channel combo - Digital chorus & reverb

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In general, Marshall AS50D makes the best way to go. The two-speaker configuration truly delivers exception sound quality. It is more powerful. However, Fishman Loudbox Mini can be your choice if you really need something that is more compact and lightweight.

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