Bugera V22 Vs Blues JR

Confused in choosing between Bugera V22 and Blues JR? These two amps can easily get into your final consideration if you are now looking for a great, compact amp that is still usable for practices at home without crumbling the glass windows down. Both are excellent and very popular on the market. There are lots of people that would advise you to get either of these two amps. So, which one should you go with? Below, we are going to behold the differences and comparisons first.


If compactness and portability are your main priorities, then you are perhaps already leaning towards Blues JR right now. Of course, Blues JR is quite considerably smaller, slimmer, and lighter compared to Bugera V22. Measuring by about 9.81” x 18” x 16”, and with a weight of 31 lbs, you will be able to bring Blues JR around quite easily. Bugera V22 is actually also pretty compact and portable, but it measures by 14.3” x 26.2” x 21.1” and has a weight of 47.8 lbs. The differences are pretty significant. These two amps come with similar construction materials and designs, and both are equally rugged and durable. Bugera V22 has the control panel on the front side, whereas Blues JR’s control panel is on the top, near the rear. (Read also : Marshall DSL15C Vs Blues JR)

On this case, however, the bigger physicality turns out to have the bigger power. Bugera V22 offers higher and wider power range than Blues JR. Blues JR comes with 15 Watts of power, and is armed by the highly sensitive 12” Lightning Bolt speaker, Fender Special Design by Eminence. It handles clean, overdriven, and distorted tones all equally well. The reverb is excellent.

On the other hand, Bugera V22 is a two-channel amp with 22 Watts of power. Even though you are looking for a low-power amp, having some higher volume options is always a good thing, allowing the amp to be more versatile for different needs and conditions. It is indeed truly versatile; the heavy-duty 12” Bugera speaker performs excellently well for all tones. The reverb is pretty good, though not as good as Blues JR’s reverb. Yet, it is very feature-packed: There are Normal and Bright inputs to allow you to adapt the sound character, the Vintage Equalizer with dedicated Presence, Treble, Mid, and Bass controls, and the Amazing Mode which switches between Triode and Pentode operation.

Bugera V22 Vs Blues JR

Bugera V22Blues JR
Key features- Boutique-Style 22-Watt Vintage 2-Channel Valve Combo with Reverb - Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls - Normal and Bright inputs for ultimate sound character to perfectly match your guitar - Original heavy-duty 12" BUGERA guitar speaker for true vintage sound - Amazing Mode switch to select between Triode or Pentode operation- 15 watts of sweet, touch-sensitive tube tone that overdrives nicely when cranked. Add-in a spring reverb and foot switchable FAT boost, and you have one amazingly versatile little amp. - A highly sensitive Fender Special Design 12" "lightning bolt" speaker by Eminence handles clean, overdriven, and distorted tones equally well. - An absolutely perfect choice for the studio and smaller venues.

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Even though Blues JR is indeed a good amp, we recommend you to choose Bugera V22. Bugera V22 comes with more features, making it a huge value for the money. It is also more powerful and versatile.

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