Zoom G3X Vs G5

So, apparently, you are currently torn between these two guitar effects pedals, Zoom G3X and Zoom G5. As you can see, both products are made by the same manufacturer. The Zoom brand is one that has been trusted by beginners and experts alike for a long time. Zoom has produced various musical equipment with exceptional quality. Zoom G3X and Zoom G5 are not different. These two guitar effects pedals are loved by many because of the satisfying quality, performance, and features. Even so, Zoom G5 is quite more expensive compared to Zoom G3X. Below, we are going to compare the two and see which one makes the better value for the money. Continue reading!

Zoom G3X Vs G5

Both Zoom G3X and Zoom G5 are generally compact and portable. You should be able to carry them around to practice places and gigs. However, Zoom G3X is actually smaller and lighter than Zoom G5. Zoom G3X is smaller because it only possesses three onboard display screens and fewer footswitches. The device is colored in dark gray. On the other hand, Zoom G5 introduces four display screens, showcasing its capability of a wider range of control. There are also more footswitches on the white body. However, this comes at the cost of having a significantly wider body.

The input/output ports provided by these two pedals are pretty much similar. For inputs, they each offer a ¼” phone jack, which has a rated input level of -20dBm and is equipped with an active/passive switch. However, for outputs, Zoom G3X only has a single ¼” phone jack, along with a ¼” stereo phone jack and an XLR jack. Zoom G5 has two ¼” phone jacks in addition to the ¼” stereo and XLR jacks.

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Features and Performance
In terms of output quality, Zoom G3X and Zoom G5 are equal. They both have exceptional audio quality. The effects are great. What differs the two is just that Zoom G5 comes with more effects and some more additional features. It offers 123 built-in effects and 22 amp models, and is able to work with 9 simultaneous effects at the same time. It also has a larger memory, an integrated expression pedal, and a tube booster. The looper is able to record up to 60 seconds. On the other hand, Zoom G3X comes with 94 built-in effects, 22 amp models, and the capability of 6 simultaneous effects. Zoom G3X has a 40-second looper and is without the expression pedal and tube booster. However, these additional features are not crucial nonetheless.

Zoom G3X Vs G5

Zoom G3XZoom G5
Key features- Three large LCDs with intuitive amp and stomp box interface, Built-in expression pedal - 22 amp or 94 stomp box models can be used in any combination, Looper function with 40 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing- The Zoom G5 is a complete guitar pedalboard in one amazing device - Four separate backlit displays - Each with its own dedicated foot switch and control knobs

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Zoom G5 is indeed more feature-packed, but the price gap is somewhat too large. If you want a longer looper, you have to get a real looper pedal for the best performance. For the fullest value out of your money, you should go with Zoom G3X. It is more compact and portable, and it is fully functional with excellent quality.

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