EMG 81 Vs Seymour Duncan SH8

So, are you currently looking for a pickup system to be equipped on your trusty guitar? Before you choose some random product from the shelf in the market, you need to be aware that there are several different types of pickup. In general, though, there are active pickups, such as EMG 81, and passive pickups, such as Seymour Duncan SH8. Active pickups require some power input, usually in the form of batteries, whereas passive pickups don’t. Both EMG 81 and Seymour Duncan SH8 are popular choices among people who have a limited budget. So, which one should you choose?

EMG 81 Vs Seymour Duncan SH8

EMG 81 is one of the most popular EMG models. It is an active humbucker pickup that utilizes strong ceramic magnets and close aperture coils. Traditionally, it is used in the bridge, and this humbucking pickup will bring your leads slice through the densest mix. As an active pickup, EMG 81 needs a battery to work. It works with a 9 V battery, which is unfortunately not included in the bundle. On the good side, though, the battery life is exceptional. Each battery can last for about 3000 hours. It is only on when you have a cable plugged in.

On the other hand, Seymour Duncan SH8 is a passive humbucker pickup, featuring specially overwound coils and three big ceramic magnets, plus the oversized metal oxide pole pieces. They expand the magnetic field and widen the frequency spectrum, making every note to sound rich. It is well-constructed, as it claims to be hand-built in the company’s Santa Barbara factory, and has been vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

EMG 81 and Seymour Duncan SH8 have very different sounds. EMG 81 has a very distinctive sound. Indeed, with different types of wood, the output of a guitar can differ, but EMG 81 manages to limit the extremes and always brings a similar overall tone. The sound of EMG 81 is bright and crisp, sterile and neutral. It has very low noise and exceptional clarity, even under distortion. Many people love EMG 81, both beginners and pros alike. Meanwhile, Seymour Duncan SH8 is completely different. With Seymour Duncan SH8, the manufacturer aims to deliver a mean, bold beast. However, the users find Seymour Duncan SH8 to be too muddy and compressed.

EMG 81 Vs Seymour Duncan SH8

EMG 81Seymour Duncan SH8
BrandEMGSeymour Duncan
Key featuresPackage includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cable Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set Output jack Battery clip set Screws and springs- Hum Canceling: Yes^D.C. Resistance - Neck Position: 7.2k^D.C. Resistance - Bridge Position: 16.8k^Magnet: Ceramic bar^Resonant Peak

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In general, EMG 81 makes the best way to go. It has better tonal qualities. Seymour Duncan SH8 is too muddy and compressed.

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