Digitech RP500 Vs RP1000

If you tend to consider that inexpensive floor-mounted multi-effects pedals are only suitable for starter kits, you need to revise your thinking. Not all cheap products have cheap quality; sometimes, there can be some models that offer excellent performance and features without needing you to break the bank. For example, if you are currently looking for an affordable yet reliable guitar effects pedal, Digitech RP500 and Digitech RP1000 can be the perfect solution. These two models are rich of built-in effects and feature. So, what is the difference between Digitech RP500 and Digitech RP1000? Which one does make the best value for the money?

Digitech RP500 Vs RP1000

If you put Digitech RP500 and Digitech RP1000 side by side, you can immediately tell that the RP1000 is quite bulkier and slightly heavier than the RP500. This is because the body of the RP1000 accommodates more buttons, as well as having more hardware outputs. Digitech RP1000 introduces ten buttons that will give you more on-the-fly choices on stage. If you prefer the sound of your amp, the outputs will allow you to set up a proper effects loop. You can defeat the internal amps with just a touch of a single button. On the other hand, Digitech RP500 only has 5 buttons for on-the-fly choices, and the output is one-direction, which is from guitar to pedal to amp. However, Digitech RP500 features an aux input, to which you can plug an MP3 player for practices. The RP1000 does not have this input option. Nevertheless, both models have been built like a tank. They have a very durable chassis that will certainly endure any heavy-duty usage abuse. (Read also : Digitech RP500 Vs RP360XP)

Features and Performance
Sound-wise, Digitech RP500 and Digitech RP1000 are very identical to each other. Both are powered by the same software. As the effect, their effects are of similar quality. The effects are great. Most of them are of exceptional quality. However, Digitech RP500 only comes with a total of 125 built-in effects, including choruses, delays (up to 5 seconds delay time), and stompboxes. The looper can record up to 20 seconds. On the other hand, Digitech RP1000 comes with 160 effects. Yet, the built-in looper also records only up to 20 seconds.

Digitech RP500 Vs RP1000

Digitech RP500Digitech RP1000
Key features- 20-Second Looper-Full time, play, loop, change tones then overdub - Effect switching system offers control over internal stompboxes and effects - Exclusive Pedalboard mode changes the RP500 into 5 individual stompboxes and effects- Controllable amp and stompbox loops use external gear - Defeat internal amps with the touch of a single button - Over 160 Amps, Cabinets, Stompboxes and Effects - 14 Heavy-duty metal switches

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In general, Digitech RP1000 makes an excellent choice for the flexible connectivity that allows effects loop. The extra onboard buttons and effects are nice. However, if you don’t need such connectivity, you can choose Digitech RP500 instead. Also, for practices, Digitech RP500 is a very good choice due to the aux input.

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