Alesis Micron Vs MicroKorg

If you are currently looking for a great affordable synthesizer available in a budget-friendly price range, these two models, extremely popular on the market, can be feasible choices for you. Alesis Micron and MicroKorg are popular compact synthesizer models, loved by many musicians for their portability. Alesis Micron is praised for the exceptional performance, but is hated for the voice recorder. On the contrary, MicroKorg is especially loved for the decent voice recorder. Both are available under five hundred dollars. Now, to help you choose, let’s get to know better about both Alesis Micron and MicroKorg!

Alesis Micron Vs MicroKorg

In terms of design, there is a particularly distinctive difference between these two models. Alesis Micron looks rather toyish due to the all-bright colors. And, why should it be pink? Well, such color is not a universal color, in a sense that not all people like the pink color. The onboard controls are also simple and minimalist. On the good side, the control panel is uncluttered, making it easy to understand. On the contrary, MicroKorg may appear to be more of a professional device. The body is colored in an elegant light gray color. The control panel is given some written information to help you use the device. There are comparably more onboard buttons, allowing for easy and quick access, but the overall becomes kind of overwhelming for new users to learn.

Alesis Micron comes with eight voices, each with three oscillators, three envelope generators, two multimode filters, two LFOs, sample and hold, and also a tracking generator. There are four multi-timbral parts. The dynamic real-time phrase sequencer is very usable, while the step sequencer and arpeggiator are programmable. However, the voice recorder is, simply put, bad. On the other hand, though, MicroKorg seems to be less attractive due to only having four voices, two multi-timbral parts, and six types of arpeggiator. Nevertheless, MicroKorg can boast a little with the better voice recorder.

If you put the mics aside, Alesis Micron is hands-down much more powerful and versatile than MicroKorg. Most notably, Alesis Micron offers better sound with more polyphony. Furthermore, it also has more modulation options. There are so many routing options. It is gig-worthy. MicroKorg is good, but not as good as Alesis Micron. There are some sounds that can be delivered by Alesis Micron but not by MicroKorg.

Alesis Micron Vs MicroKorg

Alesis MicronMicroKorg
Key features- Industry-leading Ion analog-modeling sound engine in a compact package - 4 multi-timbral parts - Programmable step sequencer and arpeggiator - Dynamic real-time phrase sequencer- Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling Synthesis System - Synthesizer Program: Multi Timbral=2 (max, Split/Dual Mode) - Voices: 4 voices - Arpeggiator: 6 types - Outputs: L/MONO, R, Headphones

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Alesis Micron makes the better way to go. A lot of people love and highly recommend this synthesizer. MicroKorg has a good voice recorder, but all the other aspects are nowhere to be compared to Alesis Micron.

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