Ibanez GSR200 Review: Great Value Entry Level Electric Bass Guitar

Since the ‘60s, the electric bass guitar has widely replaced the double bass in pop music as the instrument for bass in the rhythm section, anchoring a harmonic framework as well as establishing the beat. The electric bass guitar is used in almost any genre because it allows so much of creativity and flexibility. Since it can be plugged in, you can alter and customize the sound with effects and equalizer in order to achieve a nice and distinctive tonal character. There are now a lot of different models available on the market, coming from the cheapest to the most expensive price ranges.

Ibanez GSR200 Review Great Value Entry Level Electric Bass Guitar

However, if you are currently looking for the best bang for the bucks, you should take a look at Ibanez GSR200. Whenever a friend asks for a suggestion for a great, reliable, affordable electric bass guitar, Ibanez GSR200 is almost always the first to come to the mind. The brand is one that has been so well-known in the market; even many non-guitarists have heard about Ibanez’s high-quality products. So, there is no surprise that Ibanez GSR200 also speaks about quality even though it is coming from such a low-budget price range. The guitar has exceptional feel and playability, and the sound is just great.

One thing that you can immediately notice about this model is that it is very compact and slim. It is also quite lightweight, allowing you to handle it easily and comfortably. It has a Mahogany body, a Maple neck, and a Rosewood fretboard. These are high-quality materials. The guitar is quite solid and durable, and the surface has been polished with a gloss finish. The gloss finish, besides enhancing the looks, also provides a degree of protection against scratches and dents. The neck is light and slim. All these traits make the playability so great that even beginners can easily play it. The look is also premium and elegant despite the affordable nature. The guitar is available in four different colors: black, purple, red, and white.


- One piece maple neck - Rosewood fret board - Pearl dot inlay

Coming with high-quality woods, Ibanez GSR200 is certainly expected to sound great, and it doesn’t fail. The tone is great, and some even consider the sound to be more superior compared to many models in the higher price range. As you start playing, you are going to immediately feel the full, rich output. The low-end tone is solid and quite warm, but it is not muddy at all. The guitar is equipped with the PHAT II EQ, through which you can boost the bass even further, super-charging it for more power. The difference is significant; if you want to go beast, the bass boost is one great feature. However, the guitar is not only about power – the EQ also allows you to alter the tone to get different tonal colors; something that is unachievable by other models in the same price range.

Ibanez GSR200 is equipped with two single-coil passive pickups, Dynamix J bridge pickup and Dynamix P neck pickup. These pickups are decent. They can perform well for a band that requires some good thumping. However, you may need to adjust the EQ and volume levels first so that the tone can fit well with your band’s style. All in all, Ibanez GSR200 is a very affordable electric bass guitar with a huge value!

Specifications of Ibanez GSR200
neck type GSR4 Maple neck
Scale 864mm/34″
Radius 305mmR
body Mahogany body
fretboard Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlay
number of frets 22
fret Medium frets
bridge B10 bridge, 19mm string spacing
bridge pickup Dynamix J bridge pickup (passive)
neck pickup Dynamix P neck pickup (passive)
hardware color Chrome
factory tuning 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E
equalizer Phat II Equalizer
string gauge .045/.065/.085/.105

Pros of Ibanez GSR200
– Light and slim neck that is very easy to play
– Cool and elegant gloss finish
– Great sound after some set up
– Available at an affordable and budget-friendly price point

Price of Ibanez GSR200
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