Strymon Mobius Vs Eventide Modfactor

If you are currently looking for a powerful and reliable modulator guitar pedal, both Strymon Mobius and Eventide Modfactor can be attractive choices. Both are hot items on the market, loved by many guitarists in the industry. Each of the two models has its own advantages. Strymon Mobius is very much praised for the rich features and how easy for the pedal to deliver different sounds. On the other hand, Eventide Modfactor is still the primary choice of many guitarists because of the unique S-Mod/D-Mod settings and Undulator mode. So, which is the modulator guitar pedal that you should choose?

Strymon Mobius Vs Eventide Modfactor

If compactness is important to you, then you may lean more towards Strymon Mobius. Compared to Eventide Modfactor, Strymon Mobius is quite significantly more compact and more lightweight, making it more portable and easier to bring along. The layout has been kept to be simple yet functional, with a one-line alphanumeric display, also knobs and switches that are very easy to understand. Strymon Mobius comes in a blue color. On the other hand, Eventide Modfactor is somewhat bigger, with a green-font alphanumeric display and indicator lights. There are also three switches, but there are more control knobs. The color is black with a green line in the middle.

In addition to being able to connect to your guitar, Eventide Modfactor can also connect to a computer for software updates. It also supports MIDI. Along with the connection ports, you can find handy switches for adjusting the input gain and output level. On the other hand, Strymon Mobius does not have any USB port, but there are MIDI input and output ports.

Features and Performance
As the newer product, Strymon Mobius indeed comes with more tonal options for tweaking than Eventide Modfactor. The unique features of Strymon Mobius include the user-defined tremolo, auto swell, vibe machine, and destroyer mode. The auto swell is nice and sweet, and it is easier to get classical sounds from the Mobius. All the sounds are awesome and generally similar to or better than Eventide Modfactor. However, Eventide Modfactor’s sound quality is also excellent. But the primary advantage of Eventide Modfactor is the S-Mod and D-Mod knobs that allow crazy time-synchronized filter effects, which the Mobius can’t get near. Eventide Modfactor also has the Undulator mode, a classic Eventide effect which combines two delays, two detuned voices, and an FM-modulated tremolo into one cool, unique sound.

Strymon Mobius Vs Eventide Modfactor

Strymon MobiusEventide Modfactor
Key features- The Strymon Mobius is a Guitar Effects pedal that provides twelve legendary modulation effects in one convenient package. - Hand-crafted from the finest components available, the Strymon Mobius brings together twelve of the most organic, versatile and expressive modulation effects ever created. - 25 of Eventide's best Modulation effects - Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, TremoloPan, Vibrato, Q-Wah, Rotary, ModFilter, Undulator, Ring Modulator - Futureproof: USB for software upgradeability - Expressive effects: Continuous control of any and all parameters through MIDI, external footswitch, or Expression pedal input

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If you really want to have the S-Mod/D-Mod knobs as well as the Undulator mode, then you should stick with Eventide Modfactor. However, if you can go on without those two features, then you should choose Strymon Mobius, which has more features with exceptional sounds.

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