Digitech RP500 Review: Large Memory, Awesome Amp and Cab Models

It is always a great idea to have a digital multi-effects unit in your collection. This device is very effective and efficient for applying a variety of effects on your guitar sound. Plus, a digital multi-effects unit is usually programmable, allowing you to change the effects easily on-the-fly. Some time ago, Digitech RPx400 was a popular choice of many guitarists. Today, there is Digitech RP500, which has gained a lot of attention and market share. Even though Digitech RP500 is not exactly a replacement for Digitech RPx400, we can see that the model is more affordable, yet offering similar options for guitar players who are reluctant to step up to the advanced GNX models. Still, Digitech RP500 makes an excellent value for the money with the excellent effects and features – the amp and cab models are awesome!

Digitech RP500 Review Large Memory, Awesome Amp and Cab Models

Digitech RP500 looks and is rugged. It comes in an ultra-durable die-cast metal housing, which is ready to face and withstand all kinds of usage abuse. The switches are also made of metal, ensuring that this device is going to last for a long time. As you can see, there are five dedicated switches that are very easy to access, functioning to control the compressor, distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb. There are also two switches on the left side for amp/cabinet bypass and tap tempo. Meanwhile, on the right, there is the integrated expression pedal that can be handy for controlling the internal wahs, volume, and other parameters. On the center are two display screens, the longer one is an 8-character alphanumeric whilst the other one is a 2-character numeric display. Overall, the interface is well-designed, very flexible and intuitive. The layout allows you to control the unit quickly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, the expression pedal is somewhat clumsy and uncomfortable.

Digitech RP500 comes with a 1/8” input jack that you can use to connect a CD or MP3 player, and there is also the USB connectivity that is very useful for direct digital recording and editing on a computer. For recording, the 2×2 USB allows you to record stereo tracks, and the Cubase LE4 Music Production Software is included to get you started immediately. By the way, there is also the X-Edit graphical editing software included in the bundle, which is very nice and easy to use. Meanwhile, the outputs consist of independent Left and Right XLR with ground lift and independent Left and Right ¼”.

Digitech RP500 is rich in built-in effects and features. There are 40 tone configurations, 42 effects choices, 18 types of distortion, and 52 amp/cab models. The tone and effects libraries work independently from each other so that you can mix and match. There are 100 factory presets, and you can make another 100 user presets. Digitech RP500 is able to run up to 10 effect modules simultaneously, which is great.

Digitech RP500 has two modes: Preset Mode and Pedalboard Mode. The Preset Mode has the traditional operation methods, whereas in the Pedalboard Mode the five main footswitches are used as virtual stompboxes for adding or removing effects within a patch. The up and down switches are used to cycle through the list of saved patches. There is also a 20-sec looper that can be handy for recording a phrase and overdubbing.


- 20-Second Looper-Full time, play, loop, change tones then overdub - Effect switching system offers control over internal stompboxes and effects - Exclusive Pedalboard mode changes the RP500 into 5 individual stompboxes and effects - Amp/Cabinet Bypass defeats internal amp and cabinet effects in all presets - 40 Tone and 40 Effects Libraries 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user Over 125 effects including stompboxes, choruses, delays, amps and cabinets Up to 5 seconds of delay time

Digitech RP500 sounds great. The 24-bit audio converter performs an excellent job in preserving the sound quality of your guitar. The AudioDNA2 DSP also produces effects with excellent quality. All of the effects are nice, but the distortion effects and amp/cab models deserve a special mention. Both are exceptional, and the wide range of selections will allow you to adapt to any sound needed.

Specifications of Digitech RP500
Chassis: Durable Cast Metal Construction
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Dimensions: 19.5″ L x 8.625″ W x 2.75″ H
Display: Large 8-character Alphanumeric and 2-character Numeric LEDs
DSP: AudioDNA2™ DSP Processor
A/D/A: 24-bit high-performance audio converter
Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
Simultaneous Effects: 10
Preset Memory: 100 User Presets and 100 Factory Presets
USB Type: USB1.1Type B, Full Speed (12 Mbps USB 2.0 compatible)
Power Supply: PS0913B

Pros of Digitech RP500
– Extremely rugged and durable die-cast construction
– Neat and intuitive interface that is easy and simple to use
– Large memory allowing you to save lots of presets
– Rich of built-in effects and features, including a handy 20-sec looper
– Awesome distortion effects as well as amp and cabinet models

Price of Digitech RP500
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