Alesis DM10 Vs Roland TD11KV

Are you looking for the best electronic drum set for practice? Of course, electronic drum sets can be a great, affordable solution for practice before upgrading to a real drum set. In addition, an electronic drum set will allow you to record your plays easily in digital files, which are easy to be evaluated later or even to be edited for music making purposes. Right now, there are two popular electronic drum sets on the market, which are Alesis DM10 and Roland TD11KV. Alesis DM10 is praised for the very affordable price, whereas Roland TD11KV is said to be the best quality electronic drum set that you can get in the price range. So, which one should you get? See the comparisons below for the answer!

Alesis DM10 Vs Roland TD11KV

The Sets
Alesis DM10 is armed with the DM10 ‘brain’, which has been specifically designed to be suitable for both quiet practice and live performance. There are more than 1,000 built-in sounds from diverse genres, all re-assignable and sensitive to the force of the drum strike. The sound library features high-definition uncompressed samples for the best sound quality. Plus, it is expandable via the USB/MIDI connectivity for controlling instruments and modules of a computer software. Alesis DM10 is actually available in two versions; the first has an aluminum rack with a black finish, whereas the second has a chrome rack. In addition, you can choose to get either the mylar drum heads or the mesh drum heads. The set features a six-piece configuration with 10”, 10”, 12”, 12” toms and 12” snare, plus a four-piece cymbal set with 12” hi-hat, two 14” crashes, and 16” three-zone ride.

On the other hand, Roland TD11KV boasts the SuperNATURAL sound engine with Behavior Modeling, delivering a natural and expressive drumming experience. It comes with various built-in practice features, such as Quick Record, Quick Play, and the unique Coach function which helps players of all levels build their drumming skills effectively. The USB support provides direct connectivity to computer applications, allows data backup, and enables playback of MP3 and WAV audio files. Roland TD11KV features the mesh-head V-Pads for the snare and toms and dedicated V-Cymbals. (Read also : Alesis DM10 Vs DM10x)

We must say that Roland TD11KV is indeed of a much better quality than Alesis DM10. Despite the affordable nature, there are at least two issues with Alesis DM10. First, Alesis DM10 is very noisy. Second, the heads are prone to dents. So, Alesis DM10 is not very durable and will not last long. Roland TD11KV is quieter, and the heads are much more durable. The sound quality is also excellent, and the built-in practice features are very handy for beginners.

Alesis DM10 Vs Roland TD11KV

Alesis DM10Roland TD11KV
Key features- Premium electronic drumset featuring DM10 "brain" suited for live performance and quiet practice - Accesses more than 1,000 built-in sounds of diverse genres, re-assignable and sensitive to force of drum strike- SuperNATURAL-enhanced sound engine with Behavior Modeling provides an expressive and natural drumming experience - Practice features include Quick Record/Quick Play, plus a unique COACH function that helps players of all levels build drumming skills effectively

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In the end, we recommend you to choose Roland TD11KV. It is much more durable, and the heads are quiet.

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