Ampeg BA115 Review: Superb Tone Flexibility, Rock Solid Construction

Choosing the right combo amp that can be powerful enough for live performances can be a difficult task. You need high amplification power, yet you also need to make sure that the tonal color of the combo amp suits your genre. The job can even become more complicated if you are playing in multiple different genres. The combo amp should also be rugged and durable, considering that you are going to bring it along to different gigs and venues. Not to mention the price range, which you also need to calculate. Is there actually a combo amp that can meet all your expectations?

Ampeg BA115 Review Superb Tone Flexibility, Rock Solid Construction

For a combo amp under five hundred dollars, Ampeg BA115 is your closest choice to perfection. It is quite affordable and budget-friendly, yet it offers excellent performance and various nice features. The 100 Watts output power should be sufficient for small and medium-sized gigs, and the combo amp also possesses superior tonal flexibility that enables you to sculpt the sound character with the ultimate precision. Well, some people don’t really like the Ampeg tone, making this combo amp kind of a hit-or-miss product, but let’s get to know better about this valuable item before we make our judgment.

From the design aspect, we can certainly benefit from the compact size. Measuring at just 21” x 21” x 16”, the combo amp is quite compact for easy storage and travel. However, it weighs by 62 pounds, so it is more on the heavier side. But the weight is understandable if we take the output power into account. Ampeg BA115 is a solid-state combo amp equipped with one Piezo tweeter and one 15” custom Ampeg speaker. The build quality is excellent. Despite the affordability, the housing is solid and rugged, ensuring that the combo amp is going to last through heavy-duty usage and abuse.


- 150 watts RMS power - Ampeg Ultra Hi/Lo tone shaping - Legacy Ampeg preamp with 3-band EQ - Bass Scrambler overdrive delivers SVT grind (footswitch optional) - 1 HF tweeter and True 60°sound reinforcement monitor angle

On the top front panel, you can find various controls and buttons. As you can see, there is a three-band EQ with dedicated controls for bass, mid-range, and treble. There are also dedicated knobs for adjusting the volume and AUX level, plus the Ultra Hi and Ultra Low switches. Just like what the names indicate, the Ultra Hi will turn your guitar to sound very bright and crisp, whereas the Ultra Low will change it into a dark and heavy-sounding guitar. There is the HF Mute for some bass boost, also built-in Drive and Blend. Finally, there is the -10dB pre-attenuation pad for increasing the maximum SPL handling, Send and Return channels, and a footswitch port for easy and intuitive control.

Ampeg BA115 sounds great. The sound can be quite loud and powerful, though it may not be loud enough for a bigger venue. Still, the sound distribution is decent, as Ampeg BA115 projects the output in a 60-degree angle. The sound is balanced, yet you can customize it easily for different tones. As the effect, Ampeg BA115 becomes one very versatile combo amp that can suit various genres.

Specifications of Ampeg BA115
Weight: 62 Pounds
W x H x D Dimensions: 21” x 21” x 16”
HF Driver: Piezo Tweeter
LF Driver: 15″ Custom Ampeg Speaker (1)
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: Solid State
RMS Power Output: 100 Watts
Tone Controls: 3-Band EQ
Mid Tone Control: Style
CD/MP3 Input: Yes
Headphone Output: Yes
Balanced Line Out: Yes

Pros of Ampeg BA115
– Sufficient output power for small and medium-sized gigs
– Durable rock-solid construction
– Highly flexible Ampeg tone that can be sculpted easily into the preferred style
– Built-in three-band EQ, Drive, Blend, also HF Mute and pre-attenuation pad
– Quite compact and portable

Price of Ampeg BA115
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