Ibanez AS73 Review: Goes Amazing with Some Tuning

Ibanez is already a renowned name in the guitar industry, but Ibanez AS73 still manages to surprise people with its astonishing qualities. Well, actually, you may not fall in love with this semi-hollow electric guitar right away. This is because the guitar usually comes with bad tuning and configuration. If you can tune it properly, you will see how amazing this guitar can be. In fact, the sound quality and durability of this guitar can far outweigh the price, making it one of the guitars with the best cost-benefit values.

Ibanez AS73 Review Goes Amazing with Some Tuning

Ibanez AS73 is certainly a very good-looking guitar. It has been modeled like the E-335, as indicated by the body style, but with slightly sharper and more pronounced cutaways. The double cutaways, besides enhancing the look, are beneficial to allow easy access to the lower frets. Ibanez AS73 is available in three color choices: Antique Amber, Tobacco Brown, and Transparent Cherry Red. All of them are equipped with the black pickguard, ensuring that you will be able to unleash the fullest extent of your skill without worrying about scratching or damaging the top. The acrylic block inlays look cool and contemporary. With the 24.7” scale length, Ibanez AS73 is somewhat smaller than a typical full-size guitar, allowing great playability especially to users with small physicality.

Despite the budget-friendly nature, Ibanez AS73 is already constructed from good quality woods.The entire body – top, back, and sides – is made of Maple. The neck is Mahogany, whereas the fretboard is Rosewood. Overall, this guitar is quite rugged and durable. The hardware is chrome, appearing stylish and modern. Chrome hardware is also great because it is much more resistant to rust and is easier to keep clean.


Artcore set mahogany neck Double-cutaway, all-maple body 22 frets Bound rosewood fretboard ART1 bridge ACH1 humbucker (neck) ACH2 humbucker (bridge) Pearl dot inlay Chrome hardware Case sold separately

Ibanez AS73 is packed with the Quik Change III tailpiece and ART-1 bridge. The sophisticated system has made it extremely easy, nearly effortless to change the strings. The guitar features double humbuckers with two volume control knobs and two tone knobs. Both the neck pickup and bridge pickup are passive ceramic Classic Elite pickups. These pickups are great. They are able to capture the sound of the guitar very well and also with nice details.

As mentioned above, Ibanez AS73 may need some tuning before it sounds great. The problem with the factory tuning is that the action is set too high and the strings are too heavy and clumsy. However, once you bring the action down to the ideal level and perhaps put a reasonable set of strings, Ibanez AS73 will sound astonishing – very much to the point where it is considered even better than mostof the pricier models. It projects the notes accurately and with richness. There is a sweet degree of warmth provided by the Maple body. If you don’t mind spending some more time and effort for your guitar, Ibanez AS73 will be awesome.

Specifications of Ibanez AS73
body Maple top, back, and sides
neck type Set-inArtcore AS Mahogany neck
fretboard Bound Rosewood fretboard with acrylic block inlays
fret Medium frets
Length 19 1/4″
Width 15 3/4″
Max Depth 2 5/8″
Scale 628mm/24.7″
tailpiece Quik Change III tailpiece
bridge ART-1 bridge
neck pickup Classic Elite neck pickup (Passive, Ceramic)
bridge pickup Classic Elite bridge pickup (Passive, Ceramic)
hardware Chrome
factory tuning 1E – 2B – 3G – 4D – 5A – 6E
string gauge .010/.013/.017/.030/.042/.052
• Classic Elite pickups
• ART-1 bridge
• Quik Change III Tailpiece
• Sure Grip III Control Knobs

Pros of Ibanez AS73
– Superb sound quality after some tuning
– The sophisticated bridge makes it very easy to change strings
– Great, high-quality pickups
– Beautiful design and appearance
– Relatively budget-friendly

Price of Ibanez AS73
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