Yamaha DGX 230 Review: Excellent Affordable Keyboard for Beginners

Yamaha DGX 230 can be the answer that you have been looking. For an inexpensive, budget-friendly digital keyboard, Yamaha DGX 230 gives you a very good value. It is fairly affordable that it will not break anyone’s bank account, yet it comes with great built-in features. There is a handy six-track recorder and various voices and styles. The backlit display screen ensures that you will be able to operate it just fine in the night, and the integrated speakers allow you to play right away without having to purchase dedicated externals. The silver body looks stylish, and it sounds great.

Yamaha DGX 230 Review Excellent Affordable Keyboard for Beginners

Yamaha DGX 230 is fairly compact and portable at 5-3/8” x 46-3/8” x 16-1/4”. It is not too heavy at 8.3 kg. On the keyboard, you can find a pair of speakers on each side. Actually, each speaker on each side consists of a 3 cm tweeter and a 12 cm woofer. Such configuration ensures solid and accurate output. The speakers are protected by grilles that are sturdy and durable. At the center, there are multiple function and control buttons. The layout is nice and intuitive. The keyboard is very easy to use and operate. The blue display screen is perhaps a little bit too small, but it is still readable. The display screen is backlit. That is an excellent feature. It allows you to read the display screen even at nighttime.

Yamaha DGX 230 offers various music styles and voices to play a variety of songs and genres. Although the keys are not weighted, the keys are touch sensitive. They provide different levels of resistance that mimic the configuration of a grand piano. Thus, Yamaha DGX 230 is still a viable option for learning piano before going for the real thing.


- Premium bundle includes the Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard, Samson HP30 closed-back stereo headphones, Yamaha PA150 power supply, and World Tour SXKS keyboard stand - 76 Piano style keys with Graded Soft Touch and 489 high-quality tones - 6-track recorder - Master EQ,Stereo Speakers

Yamaha DGX 230 is clearly made for those who want to learn piano, as it comes readily with the Yamaha Education Suite program. It gives you keyboard lessons for each hand. There is also a built-in chord dictionary. But Yamaha DGX 230 can also work well for professional purposes, thanks to the customization options provided by the keyboard. There is a pitch bend wheel, reverb, chorus, and EQ effects. There is also a dual/split capability, making it suitable for performances, too. You can connect Yamaha DGX 230 to a computer via the USB port, through which you can also download more songs and voices.

Specifications of Yamaha DGX 230
BodyColor Silver
Height 137mm (5-3/8″)
Width 1,178mm (46-3/8″)
Depth 412mm (16-1/4″)
Weight 8.3kg (18lbs, 5oz)
Key Type Graded Soft Touch Keyboard
Number of Keys 76
Touch Response Yes
Pitch Bend Yes
Display Size 92mm x 42mm
Display Type Custom LCD
Backlight Yes
Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
Number of Preset Voices 116 + 361 XGlite + 12 Drum/SFX Kits
Number of Polyphony (Max) 32
Master EQ 5 types
Chorus 4 types
Types Reverb 9 types
Split Yes
Dual/Layers Yes
Panel Sustain Yes
Accompaniment Styles
Number of Preset Songs 30
Number of Preset Styles 160
Recording Function Yes
Recording 5 songs
Number of Tracks 6 (5 Melody + 1 Chord)
Compatible DataPlayback SMF
Connectivity DC IN 12V
Sustain Pedal x 1
Headphones x 1
Amplifiers 6W + 6W
Speakers 12cm (2), 3cm(2)
Power Supply An adaptor (PA-150 / PA-5D) or batteries (Six “D” sizeor equivalent batteries)
Power Consumption 20W

Pros of Yamaha DGX 230
– 76 touch-sensitive keys are good enough for a beginner
– Excellent features, there is also a very good six-track recording function
– Backlit display for easy operation in all room conditions
– Pretty good stereo speakers
– Inexpensive price tag

Price of Yamaha DGX 230
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