Lexicon MX200 Review: Excellent FX Processor with Reverbs, Mods, and Delays

Lexicon’s products have been respected for quite a long time. For many years, Lexicon has been consistently producing excellent budget audio equipment products. Now, if you are looking for a good sound effect processor that does not break the bank, you definitely should go for Lexicon MX200. As the product is standing at a very budget-friendly price point, it is easy to underestimate such sound effect processor. However, it is actually great and reliable. It comes with lots of reverb, modulation, and delay options, and the output quality is very good. The editor software that comes along with it enables you to edit and save programs on your computer or on the device itself. Below, you can find the more detailed information about Lexicon MX200.

Lexicon MX200 Review Excellent FX Processor with Reverbs, Mods, and Delays

Like many other dual-processor units, Lexicon MX200 has configurable signal routing ways. So, you can adjust whether two effects will blend together or be independent from each other. But don’t forget that in a single stereo output, stereo signals get blended together nonetheless. Fortunately, each processor of Lexicon MX200 has a control panel of its own. The matrix will tell you about which effect that is currently loaded in the processor. The dedicated panels make control much easier and more convenient.

Lexicon MX200 comes with a total of 32 built-in effects, which include 16 reverbs. Of course, just like what you would expect from a Lexicon hardware, Lexicon MX200 puts its emphasize on the reverbs. But there are also delay and modulation effects as well as dbx dynamics. With lots of options here, Lexicon MX200 is indeed a very versatile device. Lexicon MX200 comes with 99 factory presets, but the internal storage can save up to 99 other user presets. All the presets are neatly organized according to the category.

The reverb effects are fairly decent. The shorter reverbs are great and the longer ones do not have undesirable flutters, which often happen on reverb plug-ins. However, the reverbs are somewhat too bright, so you will need to lower the liveliness level a little bit by adjusting the controls. Lexicon MX200 is a very simple device. There is no hidden menu, and it indeed lacks some of the more advanced features you can expect from a sound effect processor, such as a low-frequency cut. But simplicity is indeed the primary aim of Lexicon MX200, and it has successfully reached the goal by being simple and straightforward to use.


- 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs - Delays and modulation effects - dbx dynamics

The other effects are also great and usable. Even though the dbx dynamics are rather simple, they are handy and usable. They add few extra facilities that help the device to be more flexible and versatile.

Keep in mind that Lexicon MX200 is not completely USB-based. It still requires the S/PDIF connections on your computer for the ins and outs. The USB connection has two modes; the first, MX-Edit, enables you to edit and save programs, whilst the second mode, VST, enables the device to function in a plug-in environment.

Specifications of Lexicon MX200
Frequency Response Range: 20 Hz – 20kHz
A/D Converters: 24bit, 48kHz
Audio Inputs: 1/4” TRS(2) balanced/unbalanced
Input Impedance: 20k Ohms on balanced, 10k Ohms on unbalanced
Input Level: +4dBu Nominal, +20dBu Maximum
Audio Outputs: 1⁄4” TRS (2)balanced/unbalanced
Output Level: +20dBu (maximum)
Dynamic Range: >107dBA
Power: 9V AC (includedpower supply)
Software: WinXP/Mac OSX VST GUI
• 32 legendary Lexicon effects, include 16 reverbs
• 99 Factory and 99 User Programs
• Delays & modulation effects
• dbx Dynamics
• Dual-Processor Design
• 4 Routing Configurations
• USB Hardware PlugIn Feature
• Audio Units Plug-In Software and VST
• MX-Edit Editor and Librarian Software
• S/PDIF Digital I/O

Pros of Lexicon MX200
– High quality effects
– Lots of reverb, modulation, and delay options
– Easy and quick settings
– Decent storage capacity to save user programs
– Comes with handy software

Price of Lexicon MX200
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