Zoom R24 Review: A Fantastic and Smooth Multitracking Audio Recorder

Having a complete equipment for the music industry is a must as the sector has grown bigger and bigger each year to pass. There are tons of recording devices out there, but with today’s technology, we get what is called as multitracking audio recorders. The multitracking audio recorder has been produced by many companies, but to get high-quality audio recording devices you probably need to mind a well-known brand. One of them is the Zoom R24. Zoom R24 is the multitracking audio recorder which is up to date, and it is grouped as the digital generation recorders. It has the capability to record up to 24 tracks at one time which will ease your workload. You can record a big amount of tracks at once. There are many interesting features which make Zoom R24 is rather expensive in the market. But as you know if the quality is top notch, people won’t mind spending a big amount of money to buy this recorder. So Let’s see if this device is worth the price or not.

Zoom R24 Review A Fantastic and Smooth Multitracking Audio Recorder

First, Zoom R24 gives us up to 24 track capacity. It is also equipped with the built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser microphone. You can capture the sound effect, dialog, speeches with such excellent quality because of it. After that, you get the two USB port for about sixteen tracks of simultaneous recording. It can record even the scratch tracks and overdub voiceovers in post-production. Lastly, you get the onboard phantom power with the high-quality mic preamps and the vocal effects feature.

Zoom R24 is the right recorder which can capture sound effects, speeches, dialogues, and a large number of conversation with a pure and excellent result. You can get a very smooth and refined recorded sound, and the machine is functioning really well even with tons of workloads. The high-sensitivity mic itself doesn’t affect the sound output as the mic is already designed with the ability to differ such sensitivity. The biggest benefits of Zoom R24 is about its capacity to composed and make your own custom samples from the recorded audio tracks. You can share your creativity and make a new great output as you please. Using Zoom R24 is like having boundless devices which can give you a lot of time to use your creativity. So Zoom R24 is giving a very complicated but useful benefit to you, but once again, you need to have a creativity and budget to use this device and bought it in the first place.


- Equipped with a set of built-in high-sensitivity stereo condenser mic - Capture sound effects, speeches and dialog with excellent clarity - Connect two R24s via USB for 16 tracks of simultaneous recording - Record Scratch tracks and overdub voiceovers in post-production - Onboard phantom power with high-quality Mic preamps and vocal effects

In overall Zoom R24 is a nearly perfect multi-tracking recording system. It has proved its ability in recording the multiple sounds at one time. With so many features in Zoom R24, you won’t be bothered by the inability to express your creativity as this device offers you a boundless limit.

Specifications of Zoom R24
• More than 100 studio-quality sound FX including amp models and mastering FX
• Records on an SDHC memory card (up to 32GB capacity) for maximum recording time
• Records in WAV 48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit
• 8 ins / 2 outs (8 x 2) channels via USB
• 8 XLR-1/4-inch balanced combo inputs
• Easily readablefour-segment LED meter bridge
• Sync two R24s via USB for simultaneous recording on 16 tracks
• High-def 24-bit/96kHz recording capability by using the digital audio software
• Full mixing/transport controls for Cubase, Logic, SONAR
• Pad sampler, 24 voices (8 pads and 3 banks)
• Loop-based audio sequencer
• 6-channel simultaneous 48 V phantom power capability
• Over 4 hours of operation on 6 AA alkaline batteries
• AC adapter is included

Pros of Zoom R24
– Great features
– Can be connected to another identical device for extra tracks
– Good sound quality

Price of Zoom R24
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