Martin Backpacker Guitar Review: A Very Versatile and Suitable Guitar For Your Journey

Many music maniacs probably have countless music devices behind their back. Therefore, as one of the different music instrumental, you must have this item, Martin Backpacker Guitar. This guitar is a very particular product which shaped to fit the smallest places. The guitar is constructed of solid tonewoods which model includes the sustainable wood certified parts. The guitar itself is easy to be played, and it is also very lightweight. You won’t need too much effort to bring this guitar throughout your journey. It is also best to tag along this guitar when you are going out for a holiday with your friends whereas you can enjoy having a fantastic time playing music with your loved one. So without further ado, let’s start analyzing this guitar.

Martin Backpacker Guitar Review A Very Versatile and Suitable Guitar For Your Journey

The features are pretty much predictable as there are really nothing very special in this guitar. What makes this guitar special is about its versatility which this guitar can be brought everywhere we want. First, we can see the solid spruce top; there is also solid tonewood in the back and sides of the guitar. The shape is also very mesmerizing as it has a unique contour neck shape. This neck shape is made not like other acoustic guitars. Instead, it is made with such thin body design which expands more toward the bottom sides of the guitar. Though there are many smaller scale guitar in the market, this guitar is very exceptional as it has such portability whereas the sizes are very balanced, not too small and not too big.

Martin Backpacker guitar is a not very good in its performance aspect. Likewise, you can’t expect too high from a guitar which is very small in size. However, as long as you use it perfectly you can bring a very nice tone. The tone won’t have the same volume like what other guitar gives as it is the effect of its size. Likewise, you won’t need to worry too much about its tone as Martin does have a great tone which is more acoustic and almost a sound a little similar to the electric guitar with a more high-end tone. So Martin Guitar won’t be able to produce the same kind of sound like other big guitars does, but it is a perfect guitar to be played with your friend along the campfire or in your spare time.


- Solid Spruce Top - Solid Tonewood Back and Sides - Unique Contour Neck Shape - Features 24-Inch Scale Length - Features 15 Frets

You can’t expect too much from a small guitar in the first place, but what Martin Backpacker offers to us is a very solid small guitar which will bring a lot of joy and quality time with your friends. The quality is okay, and the acoustic sound from the guitar is an excellent one.

Specifications of Martin Backpacker Guitar
– Solid Spruce Top
– Solid TonewoodBody (Back and Sides)
– Finish Top: Hand Rubbed
– Top Color:Clear
– Brace Material:Sitka Spruce
– Brace Shape:Non-Scalloped
– Unique Contour Neck Shape
– Neck Material:Select Hardwood
– Neck Shape:Backpacker
– Features a 24” Scale Length
– Comes with 15 Frets
– Fingerboard Inlay Style:1 at 5th fret& 2 at 12th fret
– Tuning Machines:Chrome Enclosed Gear
– Knob:Small Size
– Bridge Pin Dots:Black Plastic
– Bridge Pin Material:White Plastic
– Case:Soft Gig Bag

Pros of Martin Backpacker Guitar
– Unique compact design
– Very lightweight and portable
– Nice design
– Decent sound quality
– 24” scale length

Price of Martin Backpacker Guitar
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