Godin A6 Ultra Review: A Fantastic and Versatile Electric Guitar

There are tons of interesting guitar out there, but you will only get the best guitar when you really know what you should get. You can get the electric guitar, an acoustic one, or another kind of guitar. Choosing a guitar is not an easy task as it may have a lacking in some sectors. In this case, if you are interested in electric guitar we welcomed you with the Godin A6 Ultra Guitar. Godin A6 is a natural semi-gloss guitar which resembled the semi-hollow body electric guitar. It came with the chambered silver leaf maple body which makes it quite eye catching from many points of view. The top is made from a solid cedar wood, the neck is from the mahogany, and the fingerboard is from the rosewood. Godin A6 offers a unique concept in its guitar which you get plugged-in acoustic sound with some electric guitar feel at its neck. The chambered body is virtually eliminating the feedback in live and the loud settings. Godin is pretty much a very fantastic guitar, however, don’t you think it is better to learn it deeper? So let’s see the explanation about Godin A6 Ultra guitar below.

Godin A6 Ultra Review A Fantastic and Versatile Electric Guitar

Godin A6 is North American made, and it has a double action truss rod which will support you when playing the guitar. The overall look itself is pretty fascinating with the real Honduras mahogany neck and the solid cedar top you will feel the solidity that these materials offer. After that, you can feel the simple yet nice body which resembled the chambered silver leaf maple body. This body will give you much space when playing your guitar. You also get the good insight about its electronic system which needs some soldering installation like the UST or the neck humbucker.

The performance is pretty innovative and based on our creativity. It is whether we choose to pull out the huge stereo sound or to combine the stereo sound with the custom Godin preamp voice which will result in a more realistic output. This preamp gives the guitarist more control in the tone using the sliders for the acoustic volume, treble, mid, and bass. You also get the independent control for the electric humbucker volume, treble, and the bass. You also can choose to plug into the single acoustic mix or stereo which you can control your tone using your fingers. Lastly, Godin is a very versatile guitar with the electric or acoustic tone possibilities, and it can deliver nicely in all styles of music like the jazz, rock, or even country music.


- North American made - Double-Action Truss Rod - Honduras Mahogany Neck - Electric/Acoustic tone possibilities

Godin A6 Ultra Guitar is a very fantastic guitar which is made perfectly into one unity. You can play many different styles of music with this guitar whereas you also get to configure the overall sound. So you better not miss this electric guitar as it has a very high standard and up to the customer’s expectation.

Specifications of Godin A6 Ultra
• Finish: Natural
• Top: Solid cedar
• Body (back and sides): Chamber silver leaf maple
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fingerboard: Rosewood
• 25.5″ scale
• 16″ fingerboard radius
• 1.69″ nut width
• 2 output jacks: electric and acoustic mix
• Features the Godin GHN1 Humbucker
• Custom Godin under-saddle custom preamp and transducer
• Independent controls for volume, treble, and bass for both the acoustic and the electric voices
• Godin VBGAC gig bag included

Pros of Godin A6 Ultra
– Very versatile; it has two output jacks for electric and acoustic mix
– Good quality build
– Good sound
– Comes with a nice gig bag

Price of Godin A6 Ultra
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