Line 6 POD HD500x Vs Boss GT 100

So, you are now looking for a nice, reliable guitar effects pedal, aren’t you? There are two great options that may have captured your attention: Line 6 POD HD500x and Boss GT 100. These two models are always standing in the front line when people debate about the best guitar effects pedal. Of course, both models are packed with high-quality effects, nice features, and great designs. Thus, choosing between the two is no way an easy task.

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Still, each of them has distinctive differences and advantages, as well as weaknesses. Therefore, it is important for you to understand how the two are different from each other. No worries! Below, we are going to take a look at the comparisons between Line 6 POD HD500x and Boss GT 100. Continue reading!

Line 6 POD HD500x vs. Boss GT 100: Design

Both models are able to bring flexible and powerful on-the-fly control to you. They both come with numerous footswitches and control knobs, ensuring that you can quickly access any effect and setting that you need during a live performance. However, some people have mentioned that Boss GT 100 is a little bit easier and more intuitive to use than Line 6 POD HD500x. The settings are more straightforward, and the footswitches are designed like mini pedals that are very easy to hit.

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Line 6 POD HD500x and Boss GT 100 are about the same size. They are pretty big and heavy. Line 6 POD HD500x is slightly wider, but less thick. It is 21.5” wide, 10.29” deep, and 2.91” tall. Its weight is approximately 10.6 lbs. On the other hand, Boss GT 100 measures 21.375” wide, 10.687” deep, and 3.187” tall. The weight is 10.625” lbs. As you can see, their physical dimensions are very comparable to each other. Both models have ultra-rugged metal housings. (See also : Boss ME-80 Vs GT-100)

Line 6 POD HD500x is equipped with a total of 12 footswitches and an integrated expression pedal. There are various control knobs that you can easily access for quick adjustments. It is also equipped with an LCD screen, but the size of the screen is a little bit too small to be read conveniently from a standing height. On the other hand, Boss GT 100 comes with 8 footswitches and also an expression pedal. There is a pair of red alphanumeric displays; they are large enough to be easily read from a standing height. Not that you are going to stare your pedal continuously, but being able to see the displayed information without having to bend down or narrow your eyes is convenient.

Line 6 POD HD500x vs. Boss GT 100: Effects

There have been a lot of debates about whether Line 6 POD HD500x or Boss GT 100 has the better effects. Well, pretty much the entire modeling marketplace works with the same general modeling process. However, different companies have different proprietary ways to interpret and exploit the results from the modeling labs, thus producing effects with different characteristics and qualities. In general, though, many people consider Boss GT 100 has better overall effects. Boss GT 100’s effects sound warmer and have somewhat better definition. However, it does not mean that Line 6 POD HD500x’s effects are bad; they are also very good. They just don’t sound as warm and are slightly less defined. Boss GT 100’s harmonies are also great because you can create your own scales and intervals. Line 6 POD HD500x’s harmonies don’t allow you to make your own scales and intervals.

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Then again, if you want to use the amp models, you should consider Line 6 POD HD500x instead. Its amp models are way, way better. They sound clearer and much more accurate than Boss GT 100’s amp models.

Line 6 POD HD500x is packed with an incredibly rich effects library. There are more than 100 built-in effects in the device, including various dynamics, distortions, mods, delays, reverbs, EQs, and wahs. There are also 30 amp models. With such great library, you can extensively shape and customize your guitar sound. There are 512 user-writable preset locations. It comes with a 48-second looper.

Boss GT 100, on the other hand, only comes with a total of 44 effects. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer Line 6 POD HD500x over Boss GT 100. Still, the effects are great and very usable to shape your guitar sound. It also comes with 200 factory presets, and there are 200 user-writable preset locations. It comes with a 38-second looper.

Line 6 POD HD500x vs. Boss GT 100: Connectivity

Line 6 POD HD500x comes with a complete list of connection ports. There are one ¼” input, one XLR input, one ¼” AUX input, one 1/8” input, one external pedal input, one FX send, and two FX returns. The output options include two ¼” ports, two XLR ports, and one ¼” headphone output. There are also one digital input and one S/PDIF output. Line 6 POD HD500x features dedicated MIDI input and output ports and a USB port with interface capabilities.

On the other hand, Boss GT 100 does not have any XLR port. It comes with one ¼” input, an AUX input, a pair of ¼” outputs, and a headphone output. But there are also dedicated MIDI I/O ports, external loop jacks with send and return channels, an external pedal jack, and an amp control jack. The USB port also has interface capabilities. But the software for preset management is not exactly as user-friendly as Line 6 POD HD500x’s software, and kind of tiring to use.

Line 6 POD HD500xBoss GT 100
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Choosing between these two models is not an easy task. Both have distinctive advantages. If you want more extensive sound-shaping power and better amp models, Line 6 POD HD500x is the way to go. However, if you are looking for a guitar effects pedal that is convenient for live performances, Boss GT 100 will probably suit you better. The design is more straightforward and intuitive, and the effects (excluding the amp models) sound better – warmer and somewhat more defined.

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