Zoom G1Xon Vs Boss ME 25

Zoom G1Xon or Boss ME 25? If that is the question that currently confuses you, well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will put Zoom G1Xon and Boss ME 25 against each other to see which one is the best guitar effects pedal. Frankly, both Zoom G1Xon and Boss ME 25 are decent pedals. Their brands are well-known across the industry, and have been trusted by many. However, Boss ME 25 is an older model. It is still a popular choice among many guitarists, though. On the other hand, Zoom G1Xon has just been released into the market, but has quickly attracted many people with the simple design and rich effects.

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Zoom G1Xon vs. Boss ME 25: Design

First of all, let’s see the designs and dimensions of these two guitar effects pedals. Some people may want to choose a compact and lightweight guitar effects pedal if possible.

If we compare the dimensions, we can clearly see that Zoom G1Xon is the more compact and lightweight one of the two. Thus, if you need something that is portable and practical to be brought along to various gigs and places, you may find this model more feasible. It measures 237 mm wide, 154.8 mm deep and 50 mm tall. Its weight is about 640 grams without the batteries. With such a compact and lightweight design, Zoom G1Xon is very portable. It can be slipped easily into the bag.

The housing seems to be quite rugged, though the buttons don’t seem to be of high quality. There aren’t many buttons on the device. Obviously, Zoom G1Xon has been designed in favor of simplicity and intuitiveness rather than flexibility. It has two footswitches and an integrated expression pedal. The simple design allows you to use this device easily while performing. The display screen is a backlit LCD.

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On the other hand, Boss ME 25 is quite bigger and heavier. It is 300 mm wide, 191 mm deep and 72 mm tall. The weight is about 1.9 kg. As you can see, the differences are quite significant, in comparison to Zoom G1Xon. Nevertheless, this is mainly because Boss ME 25 has been designed to provide more flexible and comprehensive control. Here, you can find three footswitches, an integrated expression pedal, and several control knobs and buttons. With those control knobs, you will be able to quickly access and adjust the settings.

The solid metal housing is very sturdy and durable, and the knobs and buttons seem to be sturdy, too. There is a two-digit numeric display that is very easy to read while standing to show the currently active patch.

Zoom G1Xon vs. Boss ME 25: Features

Zoom G1Xon is quite a simple device, and it is packed with just enough connectors to make it work. It features a standard mono ¼” phone input, a standard stereo ¼” phone output, a mini stereo 1/8” AUX input that you can use to plug in a portable music player for practice sessions, and a USB port. However, the USB port can only be used to update the firmware of the device and for power. Actually, even though this is not documented, the PC can recognize the USB port as a MIDI interface that can be used to switch patches, but the capabilities are somewhat limited.

The AUX input is very useful if you often practice by jamming along to songs. You can use the output to connect to an amp as well as a pair of headphones. It is equipped with a built-in looper that can record up to 30 seconds. There are built-in rhythm patterns, too; 68 patterns in total. You can use the rhythm patterns in conjunction with the looper, making it very practical for practicing.

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There are 100 memory locations for user-created patches. You are given the Swap function, making patch organization much easier on the device. There is the Pre Select function, too, which enables you to select a patch silently while keeping the current patch active.

You can operate Zoom G1Xon using four AA batteries, but using the USB port instead is perhaps more practical. You can also power it using the AC adapter, too, but it must be purchased separately.

On the other hand, Boss ME 25 comes with a standard input jack, two standard output jacks for L/Mono and R channels, a dedicated output for headphones, an AUX input, and a USB port with interface capabilities. You can connect it directly to a PC for recording purposes. There is the Phrase Loop function, which can record up to 38 seconds. But it does not have rhythm patterns that are synced with the looper.

The memory can store up to 60 patches. You can download custom patches from the website, though not many people are big fans of custom patches. Boss ME 25 comes with the Cakewalk Sonar LE software and the Boss Tone Studio librarian software.

Boss ME 25 can be powered with six AA batteries or the AC adapter, but it is also not included in the bundle. It cannot be powered by USB.

Zoom G1Xon vs. Boss ME 25: Effects

Zoom G1Xon comes with a total of 100 effects, including various distortions, modulations, compressions, delays, reverbs, and five pedal-controlled effects. You can use up to 5 effects simultaneously. On the other hand, Boss ME 25 boasts powerful COSM amp models, also with various effects that are classified into several categories: Clean, Drive, Crunch, Heavy, Lead, and Extreme. In general, both provide good quality effects that allow you to customize and shape your guitar sound. However, Zoom seems to have better hi-gain tones, whereas Boss is better with clean tones and low/medium-gain tones.

Zoom G1XonBoss ME 25
BrandZoomBOSS Audio
Key features- 75 effects - 14 Amp models - Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously - 100 memory locations - Built in Expression pedal with additional effects- New super easy operating system Three pedals plus EXP pedal: Memory Up, Down, Solo Three knobs for real time control and editing

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Both Zoom G1Xon and Boss ME 25 are very good guitar effects pedals. If you prefer a simple pedal that can be USB powered and rhythm patterns that can be synced with the looper, Zoom G1Xon is the way to go. However, if you prefer a pedal that provides more flexible control and USB interface capabilities, you should choose Boss ME 25.

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