VHT Special 6 Review: Combo Amplifier

The amplifier (Amplifier) is the electronic components which are used to strengthen the power (or in General). In the field of audio, amplifiers will strengthen signal sounds (which has been expressed in the form of an electric current) on the input into a more powerful electrical current at the output. The magnitude of the reinforcement is often known by the term gain. The value of the gain that is expressed as a function of frequency known as transfer function. If you are not good at selecting but still want to get the best amplifiers, there are many ways available to you and one of them is to look at the various review. This review may not be the best, but we are as much as possible provides the best review for you. Please enjoy the VHT Special 6 Review.

VHT Special 6 Review Combo Amplifier

The six-watt Special 6 guitar combo amp have a powerful tube sound from 2 sources that are one 12AX7 preamp tube and one 6V6 output tube. It has a 10″ VHT High-Sensitivity speaker. It can boast a footswitchable Gain Boost feature that significantly expands the range of tones-it’s the one and only amp in its class that excels at clean and overdriven tones conditions, plus it’s the one with amplifier’s class to offer a footswitchable boost. Supported by the Gain Boost, this amplifier can let you instantly toggle between clean rhythm tones and overdriven leads, clearly duplicating the footswitchable functions of a 2-channel amp in an all-tube, hand-wired, simple, and 2-knob combo too.

For more about expanding its range of tones, the VHT Special 6 combo might feature a High or Low power switch that can enhance low-volume tones with extra-smooth richness especially when in half-power mode. It’s an amazing feature for recording or even for low-volume “bedroom” players. On the high-power mode, it becomes one of the few amps in its class that has loud enough sound to compete with a strong drummer. The VHT Special 6 guitar is a Mod-friendly amplifier combo which is easy to customize for home amp builders and tube-amp enthusiasts.

The VHT Special 6 has cool sounds for classic rock when call in gain on Ultra channel. Rotating with Telecaster, the texture of the switch is located in the middle position and the depth is about half way. With a little tweaking, you’ll soon get to grips with rotary depth control, which selects low-frequency roll-off points, and texture switches that control high-frequency roll-offs. Do not be frightened by the mention of good roll-off points together they act as an extension of the EQ amp. It has a depth of control set at the lowest trims setting bass in midrange and toothy treble bites. The special 6 Ultra will also struggle to be heard during the hard drummer’s hit. That should not be a deal-breaker, though for not at this price. Most belief guitarists should find that the special 6 Ultra provides a reasonably good reason for not being content with solid-state tones, simply because you have to keep the sound down.


- 6 Watts - One 12AX7 Preamp Tube - Footswitchable Boost Mode - 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Speaker Jacks - Mod-Friendly Eyelet-type Board - Power: 6 Watts - One 12AX7 Preamp Tube

The VHT Special 6 Ultra crams a lot of tone and flexibility in a compact and an affordable amplifier. There are some moments as a place you can feel a Midrange control and footswitchable channels will be as handy as you need, but some additional bells and whistles will take away from the VHT Special 6 line’s core ideal and as a simplicity reigns supreme. The fact found that VHT has already promoted the amp as mod-friendly is a good tip of the hat to the mostly community, and they deserve props for those. And it’s quite refreshing to know that a primary amplifier company pay their special attention to the growing modding community that shows their love of guitar gear through their soldering irons and inquisitive attitudes. Become as a standalone unit, the Special 6 Ultra excels. Also, with killer, it is an easy-to-dial-in tones and a price that’s less than other high-end pedals, it will have no doubt even be surprising if this amp becomes ubiquitous in studios and on stages everywhere.

Specifications of VHT Special 6
· 6 watts
· One 6V6 output tube
· One 12AX7 preamp tube
· 10″ VHT High-Sensitivity speaker
· Volume and tone controls
· Footswitchable boost mode
· High/Low power switch
· 4, 8, and 16 Ohm speaker jacks
· Mod-friendly, eyelet-type board
· Hand-wired In China

Pros of VHT Special 6
· The low power being fine with humbuckers and the high power giving a little more power behind the single coils
· VHT Special 6 can be a nice addition to apartment dwellers, new parents, and home studios that want differing tones
· Boutique amp players will love the Special 6’s combination of handwired tube goodness and a unique features and unparalleled value
· The mod-friendly Special 6 is very easy to customize for home amp builders and tube amp enthusiasts.

Price for VHT Special 6
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