Fulltone GT-500 Review: Distortion and Overdrive Booster

Digital guitar effects or other effects guitar multi effect is a combination of stompbox effects that made stompbox-one so the voice could be combined in a single multi-effect for there would have been no strangers to this thing, a tool used to change the sound signal from the guitar to produce a varied voices. The addition of guitar effects of course make the guitarist is getting cool when stage moment playing skill. For those of you who are still confused by the choice between analog stompbox effects (commonly called toads effects) and multi-effects are already digital, so we will try to discuss one of the types of effects, Fulltone GT-500 Distortion and Overdrive Booster. In conclusion, performance, features, specifications, and excess everything will be discussed in the statements below. Just check out the following articles.

Fulltone GT-500 Review Distortion and Overdrive Booster

What is specifically about EQ? The Hi-Gain side of the discrete Inductor-Driven Midrange circuit-has never been done in the pedal before. There’s an inductor in the pedal that gives the Midrange control its ability to drastically increase or decrease its entire mid-low, Mid, and Hi-mid frequency, cute proportions. All this is done without any opamps- it has a 100% discrete fit FET. These mid controls are blended with powerful Bass and Treble controls that give the Fulltone GT-500 the ability to dial in more variations than simple tone controls, which can only roll off highs. Series Switch select allows you to choose the pedal that comes first (which allows you to instantly change the order of circuit 2). For example: a clean thrust slamming into the front end distortion sounds a different way of distortion followed by a clean impulse, and when the EQs each side comes into play, it is a wide-open canvas. Regardless of which side effect pedals are designated as first in the line, you can still use each side by itself, completely independent from the other side.

The design of Fulltone GT500 is two effects combined in one sturdy steel enclosure. There is an overdrive/boost and a distortion. And there is an unit’s controls that are simply laid out, and even a novice user should be able to plug it in and start without even glancing at the manual. While, the ingenious feature of the GT500 is a tiny toggle switch that allows you to decide the signal path whether it goes from overdrive to distortion, or vice-versa. How is the sound? The overdrive section is transparent enough, this can give you all like a gentle push for your preamp tubes and absolutely alarming amount of volume, without drastically changing your tone. The EQ controls are effective and with no being extreme. All in all, with a little experimentation that people’s done to the GT500, it goes from mild-mannered bus driver to evil scientist. There are two things that the GT500 will not do for you. First, It will not make you metal. And the second one is It will not make a bad amp sound good.


- Booster/Overdive Side - Distortion Side - 100% Discrete JFET circuit - True Bypass

The GT-500 effect pedals from Fulltone are discrete FET Hi-Gain distortion and Booster Overdrive in one box. You can think of them as 2 separate pedals, or think of them as stages to be linked together for an endless combination. The Hi-Gain side has Volume, Distortion buttons, Bass, Mid, and Highest minipots. Side Booster has Volume, Overdrive buttons, Bass minipots and Highest. The hard-cut distortion-the way most guitar pedals achieve distortion-at one point in a circuit can be cool, but the stage after the actual FET (GT-500) stage is very amp-like, and has a ridiculous amount of sustain even at low volume. It’s a great chunky low-string rhythm thing and cleans very well when you switch to volume guitar. Fulltone GT500 contains 9 FET, MOSFET 2 and 1 Transistors without opamps or diode clipping used.

Specifications of Fulltone GT-500
· Maximum Current Draw: 14 milliamps (all knobs cranked)
· Weight: 2 lb
· Size: 5-3/4″ W x 2-1/2″ H x 3-7/8 D

Distortion side
· Input impedance: 150K
· Output impedance: 15K

Booster/OD side
· Input impedance: 500K
· Output impedance: 600 ohms

Pros of Fulltone GT-500
· Excellent sound quality because, GT 500 pedal is made to produce some of the best high quality sound
· Versatile, so you can custom tailor the distortion and booster to suit your needs perfectly
· Durable, it is made of high quality materials, this pedal will serve you well for a long time

Price for Fulltone GT-500
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