Moog Sub 37 Vs Voyager

Have you ever heard about Robert Moog? The CEO whose created Moog synthesizers since 1960s. Moog became the name of the product he made, analog synths. There many models in the market which sell Moog’s, but few of them often being compared to each other. Here, we loved to tell you about those models but only for 2. They are Moog Sub 37 vs Voyager. It must be a very confusing, therefore this article is made now. Happy reading!

moog sub 37 vs voyager

Moog Sub 37
Moog Sub 37 vs Sub Phatty has talked about features and performance, now it is time to know the benefits. Moog Sub 37 is known for the best glide, keys, and the frequencies, everything in between. From the quick C scale across this keyboard, you will feel like running your hand across the water which means it is very easy to play. For the filters, it is an extremely potent. For example, if you turn the cutoff filter all the way up turned the saw waveform into a buzzing chainsaw, but if you turn it down and you have got a chimey, muted round sound that could put a baby to sleep. The value of good monophonic synth from this one can let you play one note at a time, while the poly mode can turn the synth into a polyphonic synth and you can also play more than one note at a time. You do not have to worry about room capacity, because although it is only a 37 key synth, there is still enough room to hit those bigger chords. If you’re not familiar with oscillators, they basically manipulate the soundwaves that come out of your synth. The Sub 37 allows you to run two oscillators at once, something only made possible in recent years. So, if you’d like to combine a saw and a square, you can totally do it.

Moog Voyager
The Moog Voyager XL is essentially a semi‑modular version of the standard Voyager, with a five- rather than a four‑octave keyboard, a ribbon controller and, most obviously, extensive CV routing options built into the front panel. The sound sources comprise 3 oscillators, one noise generator and external signal input. While it comes also with oscillator sync to derive the waveforms from a continuum ranging from a triangle waveshapes of all the oscillators. Differently from those, a wide range of PWM effects can be used in Osc 3 as a modulation source as on the original one with a dedicated LFO, triangle, square, and S&H outputs too. Moog Voyager bit, though, takes the biscuit, as this instrument also adds a full patch panel in the top left hand corner for taking sound design to a new level, sticks an extended 61-note keyboard along the bottom and even adds an extra performance tool in the form of a long ribbon controller. Overall, the Minimoog Voyager XL’s build quality is top class with a ridiculously solid feel’s key. The pitch and mod wheels are solid pieces of acrylic and exhibit satisfyingly little wobble. While, the pots and jacks are all secured to the panel with washers and nuts so as not to transfer stress to the circuit boards inside.

Moog Sub 37 vs Voyager

Moog Sub 37Moog Voyager
Key features- 37-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch Classic Moog Ladder Filter with resonance, MultiDrive, and selectable filter slopes 2 modulation busses with assignable source and destinations 256 presets- Brand: Moog - Product Code: MIN010010 - 100% Analog Signal Path - 3 Ultra-Stable Oscillators - 2 Legendary Moog Ladder Filters

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Actually, there are a lot of people who said that Moog Sub 37 is even better and more appealing than Moog Voyager. The exact fact about that just a Sub Phatty with more keys and hands on controls are better than a true Osc synth with more advanced features such as cross mod and a multimode filter, all besides the cost.

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